HAPPENING! Russians Hack Car in Berlin; Mow Down 4 People

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

But yeah, no, it was almost certainly a Moslem.

Maybe someday they’ll tell us.


Five people have been injured after a car dove into a café in Charlottenburg in western Berlin, local media reported. The police said the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle due to health problems.

The Audi car skidded off the road and ran into the cafe wall at high speed, according to eyewitnesses. Four pedestrians and the car driver, who was trapped inside the vehicle, were hurt in the incident.

The modern Oktoberfest thing is one of the most overrated things ever. And overpriced. And I say this as someone who loves sauerkraut and German hot dogs. And those bread chimney covered in sugar and dipped in Nutella they sell to tourists. All German food is great tbh. Very heavy and filling. Makes you feel like a champ when you finish the meal, loosen the belt and drop the pants down to your ankles while you sigh with contentment.

Oktoberfest basically boils down to drinking expensive beer outside in a city square.

As a tourist, it’s underwhelming.

But I suppose if you’re a local earning in Euros and you go out with your friends and you’re already used to all the Turks milling around…

Nowadays though, who is going to go out to Oktoberfest? You’re just a sitting duck out there.

Plus it’s an alcoholic holiday, and you know how Moslems feel about that!

And then there’s the Christmas season with the open air markets selling punch…

Oh man, it’s going to be open season.