Minnesota Nationalists Confront Communist Attackers at the State Capitol

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

The rally in St. Paul that Antifa announced it was going to bust was met with resistance. The Communists have home field advantage, seeing as Minnesota is a wealthy SWPL state with a high Swedish population (I’m half-joking), but Nationalist forces have gathered to protect free speech against these terrorists anyway. The police have swooped in to protect the Antifa terrorists, as usual.

The biggest problem is one of the soccer mom organizers, who have taken to the media to condemn the people protecting her free speech, while saying nothing about the Communists who would gladly murder them for supporting Donald Trump.

Who cares what she thinks, we don’t need anyone’s permission.

The Suidlanders were announced as speakers, but may have cancelled. Information regarding this is still scant, but the show of force is great regardless. The communists must be challenged anywhere they show up, with force if they start it.

Star Tribune:

Organizers of the antifascist protest had sent out news releases and social media invites saying that neo-Nazis would be speaking at the 11 a.m. Trump rally at the Capitol celebrating his first 100 days in office. But those gathering for that rally, including some veterans, said that no white nationalists were involved in or welcome at their event.

“They show up everywhere,” said Alley Waterbury, a pro-Trump organizer from Woodbury.

The anti-immigrant, anti-refugee demonstrators, some wearing alt-right insignia and helmets, soon gathered outside the Capitol, scuffling with the anti-fascist protesters.

At one point, a Trump supporter came out of the Capitol and told the alt-right group, some of whom were carrying American flags, “Please go away. We have nothing to do with you guys.”

One of the apparent alt-right demonstrators replied, “Excuse me, sir, we support Trump, and we have a right to be here too.” That demonstrator then led chants of “We are the future!”

Some in the anti-fascist crowd wore bandanas over their faces and carried red-and-black anarchist flags, but the majority appeared to be people expressing support for immigrants, refugees and Black Lives Matter, as well as opposition to the Trump administration.

Troopers from the Minnesota State Patrol, which provides security at the Capitol, kept the groups separate, heading off physical confrontations. Loud chants, insults and profanities were exchanged well past noon, but no arrests were reported.

Here is video from the showdown:

Reports on the ground are telling us most of the anti-Trump demonstrators are milquetoast liberals, who apparently have no problem standing side by side with people waving Communist and Anarchist flags. The actual Antifas are only a few.