2018 Elections Live Coverage! Do or Die! [LIVE OVER]

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November 6, 2018

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Okay, it’s pretty much over.

This is a fake election. As even Jew Kristol admits, this was a demographic election. The reason we got these results is that our population has been replaced with brown monsters from all the world’s shitholes.

We need to remove birthright citizenship and we need to remove the citizenship of everyone who was given citizenship through fraud, whether it by birthright citizenship or through the 1965 immigration act.

This is our country. It does not belong to these niggers.



Colorado has nation’s first anal governor.

This is what marijuana does, kids.

Leads to anal sex with men.



It is looking like we did lose the House.

We won the Senate, obviously, and seem to have won it hard.

That was more important. This means we can replace the shitty cabinet.

And the bullshit the House is going to do for the next two years will help us in 2020.

I’ll write up all this in some detail tomorrow.


Steve King is winning again.

By .1%.


Beto supporters aren’t skateboarding tonight.

Maybe they should.


All the networks are announcing that the Democrats won the House.

It isn’t over yet.

They’ve got 17 of their needed 23.

Shockingly and disgustingly, Steve King is down.

55% reporting…

I don’t think he’ll lose but… wasn’t expecting him to be down.


Well, you got this bitch now.



We won the Senate.

But the House is not looking great.

Nothing is decided yet.


Dianne Feinstein won.

That was expected of course, but still disgusting.


Sweaty negro has conceded.

So no recount.

Good job not monkeying that up, Florida.




Lovin dat blue dress, gurl.


Sickening kike Kristol is now admitting that demographics are destiny.

This is the filthy Jew who supported the claim that wetbacks are “natural conservatives” and that race didn’t matter and everything is about “our values.”


Beto has announced he’s going to focus on trying to win the X-Games.


Taylor Swift, who is fat as shit, just lost.

Now she needs to work on loosing weight!

Reevaluate your life, whore!


The Texas Senate election has been called for Cruz.


Dems have flipped 11 seats. They need to flip 23 to control the House (assuming the GOP doesn’t flip any seats).


DeSantis has officially beaten the communist negras Gillum.

Jews everywhere throwing chocolate milk on random victims.

1%… I don’t know if they’ll try to pull a recount.

Florida is recount world.


Nutty Nate flipped it all the way back again.


Kobach is losing in Kansas. By a lot.

33% is a lot of percent for a gap that wide.

The line here is that urban votes are counted before rural votes. I didn’t know there were urban areas in Kansas.


Ana Kasperian quit the TYT livestream.

Now it’s Just Cenk and his Jews.

Ana is sending me messages on WhatsApp begging to come over. I’m not replying.


I don’t even understand what is going on with Zodiac.

He’s looking better now, but it keeps going back and forth.

I guess 11% isn’t a huge portion.


Nate Silver just appeared on the FtN stream and he is not looking happy.

He’s putting it at 46% that GOP will win the House now.

Sad Jew.


Florida restored voting rights to felons.

Who knew 10% of Floridians are felons?

I knew that.


Only 4% in, but Beto is winning in Texas.



We’re probably going to win Ohio governorship.

I’ll just be glad Kasich is gone, even if the Dem wins.


Nate Silver is having an apoplectic fit.

He keeps adjusting these numbers.

I’m calling it right now: we win the House.

No I’m not calling that yet.

But I’m very much feeling that.




The Daily Stormer is calling Georgia for Kemp.


Abrams is losing.





Not bad, not bad.


The Daily Stormer is officially calling Florida for DeSantis.

The entire panhandle is coming up red, which is good for the House seats in the area. 60% reporting.


Here’s the called House seats right now.


Nate Silver has moved it to 94% chance of Dems taking House.

I don’t know what he’s basing that huge change on.

We’ve got a lot of night left, kids.


Dems just pulled one of 23 needed flips.

But remember: the 23 number is based on the theory that they won’t lose a seat anywhere.


Very early of course, but we’re winning.


These don’t matter much, but this is where we’re at right now.




Daily Mail has a better live map than any I’ve seen.


Terror as Jeb! presently projected to win almost every seat in both Houses.


Here’s a poll closing map.

We’re gonna know a lot more within the hour.


Polls just closed in a bunch of states.

CNN just said Bernie Sanders and Tim Kaine are projected to hold their seats, which means nothing because no one expected that to not happen.

Also just want to say:



O’Keefe just released video of some black bitch telling DACA babies to vote and saying they’re all voting.


These are RCP numbers rn.


Homosexual Jew Matt Drudge says the blue wave is real.


We should have real numbers coming in soon.

But remember: exit polls is like waking up with a fat chick and trying to escape.

Indiana we appeared to have killed it completely.

That’s a Senate race, and a good omen. It’s an early result, but that is a massive gap.


Andrew Gillum is parading around his Down Syndrome child to try to make people feel bad for him.

Strategists are offended, as is the public at large.


I don’t know what this means.


Just to be clear, there is no information yet.

Elon Musk, who is not even American, wrote in “Sam Hyde” in all boxes.


Georgia voters are shocked this evening to discover that Stacey Abrams is an old-fashioned greasy nigger.

This is the talk of the town.


I added some more streams. Fox 10 is good. Fox News hasn’t started yet.


Here’s the poll closing times by state. Times listed are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

6 p.m. – Indiana, Kentucky

7 p.m. – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia

7:30 p.m. – North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia

8 p.m. – Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas

8:30 p.m. – Arkansas

9 p.m. – Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Wisconsin, Wyoming

10 p.m. – Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah

11 p.m. – California, Hawaii, Washington

12 a.m. (Nov. 7) – Alaska


First exit polls are coming out. The exit polls in 2016 weren’t great for Trump so we shouldn’t put much stock in them. Even Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook is warning Democrats to be cautious.

One exit poll is claiming that Trump’s approval rating is only at 44 percent.

Here’s more exit poll data claiming that 56 percent of those polled say that the country is on the “wrong track.”

But then you have a CNN exit poll stating that 68 percent of voters polled said the economy was good.

So how can the country be on the wrong track when the economy is doing so well? That’s why these exit polls were unreliable in 2016. There’s all sorts of contradicting information.


Isn’t it wonderful that a pop star skank who almost died from a drug overdose is allowed to participate in democracy? There’s no doubt that she is highly qualified to help determine the future direction of America.


Here’s a man who is serious about fulfilling his civic responsibilities.


Huge voter turnout is being reported in an Indiana pro-Trump county.


Considering how smoothly the midterm elections have gone so far, it is shocking to see how little faith the American people have in democracy. 46 percent of people surveyed have either lost faith or never had faith in democracy.


Fresh off of writing that goofy NYT op-ed about “values”, the insane nut James O’Comey is actively canvassing for Democrats.


So much for a large youth turnout.


An enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter in Virginia is being accused of suppressing voter turnout with his German Shepard dog.


The anti-Trump homosexual Shepard Smith kept misreporting the poll closing times in Texas. And Fox News pays this faggot how much money per year?


In another example of the enriching democracy we have, this brave faggot is getting the homosexual vote out by trolling Grindr.


One Detroit precinct had no voting machines available this morning. And this happened at Martin Luther King Jr. High School no less. Quite shocking that such a thing could happen in our vibrant democracy.

Detroit CBS:

Many voters hit the polls first thing this morning, but if you were at this Detroit precinct, there were no voting machines ready.

At Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Detroit, voters arrived shortly after polls opened ready to vote, but they were shocked to find out that the precinct wasn’t prepared – they had no voting machines, WXYZ reported.

According to the report, there was some sort of miscommunication about where those voting machines were left. It turned out they were locked in a closet on the other side of the school, a closet that election workers did not have access to.


All sorts of disorganized chaos being reported at polling locations in New York City.

NBC New York:

Voters in the tri-state reported chaos at the polls Tuesday as polling stations suffered from broken scanners, a lack of organization, no ballot sleeves, dim lighting and other issues. The problems were so bad in New York that NYC Council speaker Cory Johnson called for the city’s Board of Elections executive director to resign.


Hundreds of blacks in Atlanta, Georgia waiting in line to use three voting machines. lol


It really sucks that humidity is preventing these intelligent black individuals from casting their votes in North Carolina.


Jewish election forecasting firm FiveThirtyEight has put out their final forecast for the midterms. It reiterates their belief that the Democrats will win the House and Republicans will retain the Senate. It’s worth repeating that they were dead wrong in 2016.

House forecast:

Senate forecast:


New York Times kike Maggie Haberman is on Twitter babbling about a new anti-Trump conspiracy theory.


In Kansas, a polling station for Dodge City a city with a large Hispanic population was moved outside of the city limits. Most of the people coming into vote are not Hispanic and appear to be of the master race variety.


Trump just tweeted his support for New Jersey Republican Senate candidate Bob Hugin. This race is closer than one would expect due to the corruption charges Democrat Senator Bob Menendez faced last year. The episode ended in a mistrial but Menendez has suffered politically from it. This could be a race to watch tonight.


The Republican candidate for Georgia governor Brian Kemp is being accused of rigging the election. This despite the fact that Democrats and the Jew news media previously told us that vote fraud is a non-existent problem. It is developing into quite the humorous situation.


There’s lots of whining from Jews about long lines at polling stations and technical problems with the voting machines in Georgia.

AP is reporting that it has taken three hours for some people to vote.

The Negress Stacey Abrams is imploring her base of low IQ voters to not give up and stay in line.


The washed up Hollywood comedian Jim Carrey has been attacking Ted Cruz on Twitter in the hopes that the Marxist radical Beto O’Rourke will defeat him in the Texas Senate race. Cruz responded to Carrey’s “vampires” insult by saying that the dead vote Democrat and Carrey responded back by saying that Trump had grabbed him by the pussy. Not very original material from Carrey.


The Jew-run New York Times is saying Fox News reprimanded Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro for participating in last night’s Trump campaign rally in Missouri.

Jew-run CNN is saying the same thing.

Apparently only Jewish news reporters are allowed to be biased.


The Jew Adam Schiff is optimistic about their chances today. He is saying that he’ll be renewing the Russia hoax investigation into Trump if the Democrats win the House.


Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said he was feeling optimistic about Democrats’ chances of netting the 23 seats they need to take back control of the House. If they succeed, Schiff is widely expected to take over as chair of the committee tasked with investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

“We’re not taking anything for granted,” Schiff said, but laid out his priorities as the committee’s chair if control of the House flips. Reviving the investigation into Russia’s election meddling is at the top of the list, Schiff said, and also probing whether Russia has financial leverage over President Trump through his business interests.


David Hogg sighting. Looks like he’s been working out.


The lunatic James O’Comey just published an hysterical op-ed in the NYT.

I thought he was gone…?


Speaking of stupid whores, Hillary is shoving her disgusting old face into the mess.


MSNBC announced that the negro communist won in Florida. Yesterday.


This is officially a slutfest, and people are celebrating that.

The Independent:

A record number of women are on the ballot – and could become the story of the 2018 election.

Two years after Hillary Clinton’s defeat, more women than ever before won major party primaries for governor, the Senate and the House this year. The results could significantly increase the number of women in elected office.

About 235 women won their primaries for the House, according to records kept by the Centre for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. In the Senate, a record 22 women won their primaries. And a record 16 women were nominated for gubernatorial races.

Imagine being excited about being ruled over by women.

Women cannot even work normal jobs, and anyone who has ever worked with them is aware of that.

But we should have them ruling over us?

Women should be raped.


For some reason Boomer Bannon is hosting a thing tonight on the fake news website The Gateway Pundit (yes, this is a legit fake news website, where they just make shit up).

How the mighty have fallen.

Jazzhands McFeels is also going to be doing a stream tonight, it is rumored. We’ll have all this stuff at the top there in the livestream section, along with Fox News and CBS. The CBS stream with the quadroon Vladimir has become my favorite internet mainstream news stream, actually.


The NYT kike is attacking Sean Hannity for going to a rally.

Other kikes are also outraged.

You are fake news.


Oprah responded to the funniest ever robocall.

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The antidote to Hate… VOTE your love!

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Seriously, we need to further exploit the robocall system. It doesn’t have to be for an election. We can just do it whatever. It is such an easy troll you can get a lot of media from.


It’s all happening, right now.

Today is the day.

The path of the future will unfold.

Things look good, despite the lies of Real Clear Politics and the kike Nate Silver.

To be clear on what they’re saying…




Nate Silver



They were both brutally wrong last time, of course. And this time they are giving a lot more conservative numbers than last time.

I believe personally that it is very likely we will win the House. But I’m not sure, so I’m not predicting that. Literally, no one knows.

Hold on to your seats. It’s going to be a wild ride.