Nimrata Randhawa Resigns – Presumably, She Got Caught for the NYT Op-Ed

Luis Castillo (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2018


I predicted thith.

I predicted thith.

Anglin here.

Immediately after the op-ed in the NYT by an alleged top official in the Trump administration who is fighting to destroy him was published, I said that if it wasn’t an NYT hoax, my number one guess would be Nikki Haley.

There is literally no other reason she would have done this.

A whole bunch of journalists and political commentators on Twitter are saying this.

Trump could have gotten his lawyers to force the NSA to disclose this under national security, probably. But he wouldn’t be able to call her out on that.

Before the midterms, I’m kinda surprised he even did it, because kikes on Twitter (who aren’t funny kikes like Seth Mandel) are saying she did it to stand with Ford Blazer, the victimized slut. And coming up with other reasons to attack him for it.

Oh and this kike.


You’d think neoconism would have just died with Hillary since she transformed the Democrat Party into one that supports all their policies, or that these neocons would be supporting Trump, because he is doing the Israel bit – but no. They are flailing around trying to get some total shill back in charge of what is now effectively a white nationalist party.

Anyway, I’ve got an idea for who Trump should appoint to replace her.

I’ll bet you can guess who, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to reveal it. Do a little suspense-building here.


Well, that was disappointingly cordial.

I was hoping to see Trump rip her as an anti-American, low-born wench, as she sat quietly and shivered in a pool of her own tears.

But, I guess it’s a good sign that the Executive, if not the Senate, can still get something done in a calm and organized way. Nikki said she will be campaigning for the Republican ticket, will not be running against Trump in the 2020 Presidential primary, and Trump is keeping her on until the end of the year, to get her work in order.

Haley spent most of her time praising Jared Kushner (it was almost like satire).

No one said why she’s resigning, or whether this was her idea, or Trump’s idea. The most obvious thing is that she wrote that snake NYT piece and he just didn’t want to make a scene during the midterms. He was nice, but let out this huge sigh at the end of the thing.

The excuse they gave – that she was just feeling very tired – was obviously fake.

Also, no hint at who is going to replace her.

Let’s hope it’s an American this time.


Our President is speaking to explain why he finally got tired of this curry-wench.

Was it her constant, relentless pushing of chlorine gas baby memes in the UN?

Did she write the hit piece on Trump everyone was talking about, but has already forgotten about?

Was he just tired of the curry smell clinging to every chair she has ever sat on?

We’re about to find out.


US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley resigned Tuesday directly to President Donald Trump, according to multiple sources familiar with her decision.

A senior State Department official said Haley told her staff this morning.

Teasing an announcement in the Oval Office this morning, Trump called Haley “my friend.”

“Big announcement with my friend Ambassador Nikki Haley in the Oval Office at 10:30am,” he tweeted.

Axios was first to report the news that Haley resigned.

I don’t know why this traitorous wench was ever there in the first place.

There are enough Americans to represent America on the world stage, we never needed a curry-skank warmonger.