HAPPENING: Five Dead in Orlando Mass-Shooting – Apparently Workplace Violence [UPDATES]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017


Five dead, plus the shooter, who killed himself.

We’re being told it was a disgruntled former employee, which was sort of obvious given the location.

Florida Today:

Authorities said a 45-year-old man described as “disgruntled” entered his former workplace in an Orlando industrial park with a handgun, fatally shooting five people before turning a gun on himself.

The deadly incident happened about 8:03 a.m. at Fiamma, Inc., an Italian-owned business at 2427 Forsyth Road, not far from University Boulevard.

Deputies arrived within two minutes at the business and immediately located several people – three men and a woman – dead of gunshot wounds inside the building. Another person was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where the person later was pronounced dead in what Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings described as likely “a workplace violence incident.”

Demings said the shooter – who was expected to be named later today by authorities – does not appear to be related to any terrorist groups.

“He turned the gun on himself,” Demings said. The man was described as a former employee of the company and was fired in April for an unspecified reason. “He was a disgruntled employee who came back this morning,” Demings said. He also said there were seven survivors at the business.

Demings said he will reveal the shooter’s identity during a 1 p.m. news conference.

Shelley Adams said her sister, Sheila McIntyre, called her from the company’s bathroom during the shooting and was very upset.

She kept repeating “My boss is dead. My boss is dead,” Adams said after state and federal law enforcement authorities converged on the industrial park in Orlando.

Fiamma Inc. calls itself one of the largest manufacturers of awnings for camper vans, motor coaches and sports utility vehicles.

The press conference with the identity is in an hour. We’ll be back with an update then.

Right now, I’d say the likelihood he’s white is about 1/6,000,000. But it’s possible.

I’m betting black guy.

WaPo has a stream up waiting for the news conference, if you’re really excited to find out.

It probably won’t start right at 1:00. The cops running this are black. Not known for punctuality, the blacks.

Original article follows.


More dead people!

Fox News:

A shooting in Orlando’s industrial area left multiple people dead Monday morning, officials said. 

Officers gathered in a parking lot outside a warehouse off Forsyth Road in Orange County, near Full Sail University, shortly before 9 a.m.

A witness said they heard multiple, very loud gunshots, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said it responded to a shooting in the area and that the scene has been “stabilized.” They confirmed there were “multiple fatalities,” adding that they are investigating a “tragic incident.”

FBI is on the scene assisting local police on the investigation, an FBI spokesperson told Fox News.

This is just a week before the anniversary of the Pulse faggotocaust in Orlando.

But I’m not really seeing a reason to think this was Islamic in nature, based on the location.

But there’s no information yet, so I’ve got no reason to speculate.

I will say this: whoever did it, it’s the Jew’s fault.