HAPPENING: Massive Dump of Macron Internal Communications on 4chan

Eric Striker and weev
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017


Shortly after the hacker known as 4chan posted documentary evidence of Macron stashing money in the Caymans, he steps up his game even harder, by posting a gigantic archive of Macron’s internal communications via pastebin and Bittorrent.

WikiLeaks has been confirming the veracity of the leaks. Macron is claiming that there are fake docs mixed in.

Wikileaks issued a harsh rebuttal:

More financial malfeasance being busted open:

This includes insider trading involving cooperation with American companies..

Macron somehow had access to many classified government secrets.

We already knew Macron was a Rothschild stooge but other people seem to be just learning this.

There’s even a drug deal in the leaks. One of Macron’s staffers used Bitcoin to order some quasi-legal drug popular at gay clubs called 3-Methylmethcathinone from a darknet market. He received it in a government building. I wonder if this is for Macron! Definitely fits his previous record of proclivities (he’s known to be a homosexual in France).

And looks like Macron also had one of his staffers buy him some blow.

This could really be a game changer.

On April 24th, French officials reported intrusions into the Macron email servers, blaming Russia as usual (not like there is anyone else who despises Macron, Goyim). I share Julian Assange’s opinion that these appear to be genuine.

Most people in France already know ZOG endorsed “favorite” Macron is a corrupt dirtbag, but now there is evidence for all kinds of dirty business. The French media have been ordered into a blackout of commentary on the leaks.

The French police were already looking for some meme criminals.


Police with France’s Ministry of the Interior are now attempting to track down the 4chan user who originally published the documents. On Thursday, a French police officer reached out to the owner of the site on which the document files were hosted, mixtape.moe, over email and asked for data logs and information that could lead to the offender.

This lead to probably the funniest reply to a police request of all time:

Now one imagines that they have an even larger 4chan-related case burden on their hands. With only a day left until the election, can /pol/ manage to turn the tide to the Front National? With #MacronLeaks trending in France, one may not know for sure. This is a real nail-biter.

Will update this article as findings come out.