Brussels: Cops Shoot at Escaping Arab Who Claimed There Were Explosives in His Car [UPDATE: “Mental Illness,” No Explosives]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017


The story now is that they started firing at him because he didn’t stop at a traffic light and then refused to pull-over. That is definitely not protocol in the United States, and I doubt it is in any other country other than maybe Brazil. Generally, they will continue the chase and implement road blocks ahead of the escapee to stop the escape. Opening fire during a police chase is some Die Hard type shit that doesn’t generally happen in real life.

It was when they stopped him finally that he said he had explosives in the car.

They are now claiming that there are no explosives and the man is “mentally ill.”

It could be that there were explosives, and the cops are now lying about it, as it is procedure to lessen or cover-up the crimes of nonwhites whenever possible.

Original article follows.

The first thing you want to do when a man claims his car is filled with explosives?

Open fire on a crowded street, lol.


Police in the Molenbeek district of Brussels have shot at a vehicle they were chasing and said the driver claimed there were explosives in the car, according to local media.

The incident took place outside Molenbeek West Station. A police perimeter has been established and traffic is being diverted.

The suspect was arrested after police shot at the car, Sud Info reported.

No injuries were caused when police shot at the car.

“We pulled out the driver, who directly stated that there were explosives on board,” said Johan Berckmans, spokesman for the Brussels West Police, as quoted by Sud Info.

“Given the suspect’s statements, we preferred not to take any risks…” Brussels public prosecutor’s office spokesman Ine Van Wymersch said, noting that an explosives team was deployed to the scene.

Okay so it’s not clear if they knew the explosives were in the car when they opened fire. I don’t know if it is standard operating procedure to just open fire on a fleeing suspect in any case at all in Brussels, but I would pretty much assume no.

Opening fire on a car full of explosives seems particularly ill-advised.

What am I Supposed to Write Here?

Normally on articles, I write some kind of commentary, though with these daily enrichment events, I don’t really know what kind of commentary I’m supposed to write.


If one thing has been made clear over the past 3 years, it is that Western Europeans are comfortable with the fact that multiculturalism means that more and more of them are going to be randomly murdered on the street, and that they are eventually all going to be forced to convert to Islam. All Europeans are aware of this, and the majority have decided that they want to continue to push forward with the multiculturalism agenda to its end, which is an Islamic monoculture.

So no, I’m not writing that this will maybe wake them up.

Because it won’t.