Happening: Breitbart Posts /pol/ Migrant Documentary

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2015

We are in your base now, kikes!
We are in your base now, kikes!

Breitbart is often referring to in this websites comments section and elsewhere Fascist-web as “Kikebart,” due to a pro-Jewish stance (despite being otherwise right-wing). Indeed, Andrew Breitbart himself was a Jew, and there are many Jews working on the site, so “Kikebart” is not inaccurate.

However, just like the Daily Mail in Britain, while being pro-Jew they are also more truthful than any other mainstream sources, and I credit them for this. I read both sites daily.

But the fact remains – these are (at least partially) Jew-run sites which try to take the right-wing narrative and remove Jews from the equation.

The problem that these people are going to face is that we in the real right-wing movement are having overwhelming success linking right-wing ideology to a fanatical hatred of Jews.

Things are going exactly according to plan.

The Jews merely adopted other people's bases. I was born inside of a base.
The Jews merely adopted other people’s bases. I was born inside of a base, molded by bases.

Breitbart has posted the video made /pol/ documenting the migrant invasion. And get this. It has the Barbara Spectre “Jews will be at the center of this” clip at the end.

Because it cannot be avoided any longer. You cannot report on opposition to immigration without reporting on a hatred of Jews.

Granted, this may have been an accident. Maybe the journalist who posted it, Oliver Lane, didn’t watch the whole video. More likely, however, he did see it and just posted it anyway.

He includes this bit in the article, in a pretty clear attempt to negate the anti-Semitic nature of the film:

Breitbart London has reported at length on the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe which has arrived with mass migration. From Jews being specifically targeted for degrading house-invasion rape-thefts to Jews being excluded from Holocaust commemorations because of Muslim attendees hijacking events, migrant-Europe is now hostile towards Jews at a level not seen in decades.

The comments section is filled with people talking about the Jew problem. A few comments are defending the world parasite, from the classic cuckservative position of “they are also against Moslems,” but they are being educated by other commenters.

If this isn’t an accident, and a result of the journalist having not watched the whole thing, then it is a major coup (in fact, even if it isn’t an accident it is a major coup, because it shows that opposition to immigration has been inextricably linked to anti-Semitism).

It will be interesting to see if they remove the video and/or issue an apology for posting it.

Remember brothers: everything is going according to plan. Stay the course. Tie everything to Jews, every chance you get, everywhere you can. Subvert the cuckold narrative by co-opting every aspect you can, using their own force against them.

No retreat, No Surrender.

Hail Victory.

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