HAPPENING: At Least 30 Dead in France Terrorist Attack!

Daily Stormer
July 14, 2016


That’s quite the carnage.

Another horrifying attack on the French is underway.

This time, in the city of Nice, in southern France.

The Daily Star:

A truck has ploughed into crowds celebrating France’s national day in a terror attack – killing at least 30 people and injuring 100 injured.

The truck rammed into the crowd on the Promenade des Anglais seaside walk in the centre of town, regional newspaper Nice Matin reported, citing its own reporter at the scene.

Witnesses said the truck mounted the pavement and a video shows the vehicle mowing people down as they fled.

The driver has been shot dead by police and windows of the truck are peppered with bullet holes.

Between 30 to 50 people have been killed, French TV channel BFM TV said.

And we get to play the “who did the Charlie” game again.

Was it a White Christian French guy?


Was it a neo-Nazi White Supremacist?


Or – dare I say – was is another greasy Kebab pulling a Jihad on us?


We won’t know for sure until they announce it.


I guess it could have been an Anglo too. God knows they hate the French.

It’s a mystery, since the authorities have not seen it fit to tell us the identity of the terrorist, whom they have already killed.

But wait – there’s more!

Unconfirmed reports are coming through of a hostage situation at the Meridian Hotel.

“It is absolute chaos,” said an eye witness who works in the Nice judiciary.

“There are reports of dozens of people killed, and many more injured. Bodies are lying everywhere.

“Police are flooding the streets, including anti-terrorism officers.

“Nobody knows what to do, except to hide away. Gunmen are meant to be targeting hotels.”

why can't i hold all these happenings

I’m losing my grip here folks.

Today is the French national holiday, Bastille day. These attacks are thus obviously symbolic attacks on the French nation and French identity.

This is unmistakable.

Europe is under siege.

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