Happening: Alex Jones Challenges David Duke to a Debate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2015

Our time has finally come.

Alex Jones has challenged David Duke to a debate, pretending as if he instead of the Daily Stormer initiated this lolsfest in which no stone will be left ungassed.

Which is better?

Talking endlessly about taxes, the cops, chemtrails, FEMA camps, German Death Cult, Arabs run the media, space beams, fluoride in the water mind-control conspiracy, Rand Paul as the savior, saving the Ferguson protesters from evil cops –

– or saving the White race from extermination?

It will be decided once and for all when Alex “The Fat Man” Jones enters the Octagon with Dr. David “Look, I Just Think White People Have a Right to Exist” Duke.

Word is, they’re getting split booking – 500 million each – at it will air exclusively on an infowars livestream for $19.99. Event is sponsored by Alex Jones penis juice, as well as pills made from vegetables and discount gold coins.

The end is nigh.