Hannity and Limbaugh Out for Final Trump Rally

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2018

Missouri was magical last night.

One thing is certain: Trump is in full control of the Republican Party.

If we have won nothing else in the last two years, we have won that war. This is now the Trump Party, it is the party of white people.

Everyone is falling in line.

This is no longer a party of big business, of open borders, of free trade, of endless wars for the Jews.

It is the party of the people.

The fact that the two main voices of the old cuckservative movement came out the night before the election is as much proof of this fact as is the resignation of Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake or the phoenix-like transformation of Lindsey Graham.



This is something for me personally. My grandmother used to listen to Rush Limbaugh every day when I was a kid. He used to actually be Alex Jones tier, talking about a new world order and so on, during the Clinton years. Then when I was a teenager, I hated the guy for supporting those insane Bush wars.

But it’s all come back around.

We, white people, are all together now.

Other than the very worst of us, we are all on the same team now. Fighting together, as brothers (and sisters, to some extent), against our racial enemies.

Trump did this.

He created a new world.

So whatever happens tonight, we have accomplished the big thing – we have called all of our people home.

Win or lose, we will do it together.

Here’s the full rally.