Han Solo has a Negress Wife

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2015

Oh dear, Captain Solo.
Oh dear, Captain Solo.

So, there are new Star Wars movies coming out, directed by the snake-faced Jew JJ Abrams. The trailer shows a Negro in the very first frame as a Storm Trooper.

Now, Han Solo has been revealed to have been recovering from a serious case of jungle fever during the original films.

A new comic is being published by Marvel to lead up to the release of the film. It is considered real “cannon,” meaning everything that happens in it is officially recognized by the franchise as having taken place in the official version of the fictional universe.

In issue six, released last week, all of the sudden a Negress pops out of a ship – and is revealed to be Han Solo’s ex-wife, who he had divorced or separated from before the first movie – before he hooked up with Princess Leia, who is Jewish.

And then all of the sudden - jungle wife - !
And then all of the sudden – jungle wife – !

Because this is cannon, and tied directly to the films, this means there is a good chance the character will be featured in the upcoming trilogy. The Jew Abrams has stated that one of his goals with the films is to promote multiculturalism.

Isn’t that always the goal of the Jew, whatever he is doing? Unless he’s Israeli, of course.

The comic is written by Jason Aaron, the very same Marvel writer who made Thor into a woman.

Aaron's Thor is aggressively feminist.
Aaron’s Thor is aggressively feminist.

Aaron is an SJW, apparently not Jewish. A very capable writer as well, in my opinion. A shame he has gone down the path of pure evil.

He wrote a very interesting book about American Indians entitled “Scalped” which I personally enjoyed quite a bit.

It was pretty okay.
It was pretty okay.

The book had only standard SJWism. The same as anything else in our society. Didn’t make a point of pushing it specifically.

The book ended up being canceled, mainly due to poor marketing on the part of DC Comics. I guess he realized where the money was – in pushing society into hell.

Even so, the introduction of the jungle wife was probably pushed on him by Abrams, just as the introduction of the female Thor was pushed on him by the top Jews at Marvel.

Jason Aaron isn't even Jewish.
Jason Aaron isn’t even Jewish.

Star Wars is something which means something to me, as I’m sure it means something to many (if not most) of you. It is a shame to see what these Jews are doing with it.

But they won’t rob my of my childhood memories. Star Wars will always be, in my mind, what it was when I was six years old.