Hamburg: G-20 Commie Riots Continue! Looting! Burning Cars! Journalists Attacked! WHY? [UPDATES]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2017


Night has fallen on Germany.

These are the most intense riots of any “protest” by white people in any white country ever.

This is BLM-tier.

They are even looting.

The fact that these people agree with all of the politics of the people they are protesting is what makes this so completely insane.

Apparently, they just don’t have enough:

  • Immigration
  • Welfare
  • Abortions
  • Women’s liberation
  • etc.

They are rioting demanding: “we want more of the same!!!!!111”

This is an extremely weird thing to do.

But in order to pacify the youth, they must give them something fake to fight against – so they present themselves.

Chubby-Chaser Tim Pool Found Alive

The Supreme Gentleman Tim Pool, Chubby-Chaser Esq., has been located.

Hey Tim, why don’t you re-up that first interview you did with Lauren where she gets drunk and says she was studying to work for the intelligence services when she got hired by the Jew Ezra Levant?

Why was that ever deleted?


Lauren Southern and lanky Pollock Luke Rodowski were ambushed with some other guys and all of them got their asses beat except Southern.

She is saying IT IS HER FAULT. But she wants you to know you SHOULDN’T FEEL BAD FOR HER!!!!!11


Btw, you may be interested to know that Tim Pool gave her a hat.

It’s hard out there for a hapa, even with fat chicks, but Tim knows how to get his dick wet: give the bitch a matching hat.

She has NOT taken my advice on the shoulder exercises and stretches designed to counter the effects of being on the computer all day long, smdh.


BBC has released a redux of the Merkel eye-roll clip.

She did this as a photo-op, specifically to make a viral clip. That’s why it’s so exaggerated.

Well, I mean, I don’t doubt that she is a histrionic, hysterical bitch in real life, and acts in that disrespectful fashion towards men.

White men, at least.

When it’s a nigger, she rolls over and says “please rub my belly, master.”

But I think she knew the camera was right on her – of course it would be – and made that gesture knowingly.

This is what happens when you have women with any sort of power at all: they are turning your government into a gigantic joke. Everything is a drama game surrounding their desire to prove themselves.

That is not serious for a world leader to causally roll her eyes to someone she is part of a coalition threatening war against.

But hey – she’s not going to fight the war, she doesn’t have any sons who are, and she didn’t build or ever try to understand any of what will be destroyed in such a war – so who cares, right?

Might as well signal for social credit points.

Best Thing

Putin and Trump got along and laughed together.

I’m sure there was a little bit of nerves for both parties, given the amount of lead-up to this, but there is sense of tension at all.

Best thing.

Original article follows.

These communists are absolutely disgusting.

What the hell do they even want?

To end capitalism?

What does that even mean?


Melania Trump is unable to leave her Hamburg accommodation due to G20 protests taking place outside, her spokeswoman confirmed to German media. The demonstrations are keeping the US first lady from attending an event with the spouses of other world leaders.

“We have no security clearance from the police to leave the guesthouse,” spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told German news agency DPA.

Grisham also called the situation “unfortunate,” according to NBC’s chief White House correspondent, Hallie Jackson.

The first lady was due to attend an event for the spouses of world leaders, organized by the husband of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Joachim Sauer.


First Lady Joachin Sauer!

Is he going to bring his new handbag??? Will the media comment on his shoes????

What a pussy!

Seriously though, these riots are nuts.

I so hate to see the Empress having troubles. She is such a magnificent woman.

I suppose worse things have happened than being locked in a hotel room and missing a chance to view Angela Merkel’s wife’s new handbag. She probably breathed a sigh of relief when security told her she would have to miss that meeting.


Look at this smoke:

They are burning cars in the streets.


Unrest in Hamburg has continued into Friday as G20 summit has kicked off in the city. Forty-five people have been detained and 159 police officers have been wounded in clashes, according to police cited by German media.

Police had to resort to water cannon to disperse protesters while earlier several cars were set on fire in the suburb of Altona.

G20 protesters staged a sit-in demonstration and blocked a road in Hamburg on Friday morning. Police said that they tried to urge the protesters to disperse peacefully, but then deployed water cannon to clear the road.

Hamburg police requested reinforcements following overnight clashes in the city, according to Germany’s Welt newspaper, citing police officials.

Berlin and Baden-Württemberg police units deployed 200 more officers each in addition to the 20,000 or so already providing security during the G20 summit.

A police helicopter was nearly hit by a pistol flare light on Friday, Hamburg police wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, demonstrators set several cars on fire in Altona, several police vehicles also were vandalized, according to Hamburg police, who tweeted the images of police vans with black paint and smashed windows.

People have been posting numerous videos and photos online showing plumes of smoke rising in the Hamburg suburb. Police advised people to avoid the area to not get caught up in the chaotic scenes.

What is wrong with these people?

What do they want?

I’m not lying to you when I tell you: I don’t have any idea what these people want.

And I follow this stuff pretty closely.

These are all white people rioting. Presumably mostly Germans.

I don’t think anyone is really very happy with the state of globalism, but these leftists are pro-mass immigration. That is like their main thing. It is also the main thing of most of the people they are protesting (pretty much all of them, excluding Putin and Trump). So all of these “capitalists” would go out and probably agree with all of the chants of the people rioting against them.

The people who would disagree with them both?

The cops standing in between them.

What sort of a thing is that?

American “Heavy” Journalist Attacked and Called a Nazi by Germans

This is weird.

Journalist for was attacked by… white Germans… and accused of being… a Nazi…

G20 protesters at the “Welcome to Hell” march attacked video contributor Marcus DiPaola, punching him in the face, pushing him to the ground, and kicking him after he was on the ground. They accused him of being a nazi.

Not even really sure how to qualify this.

Imagine being a German and accusing some guy from another country of doing an imaginary genocide that your own grandparents were accused of doing.

Angela Merkel is a Whore

In other G-20 news, the sickening old evil wench Angela Merkel had the nerve to roll her eyes at Vladimir Putin in front of cameras.

Is that normal or professional? Is there any universe in which that scene right there would be considered normal or professional or appropriate in any way?

This is a key reason we need to shut women up and get them in burkas and locked in cages ASAP: they are simply rude and behave totally inappropriately in public, professional situations.

Then they will claim they are allowed to do that because they have vaginas.

It is absurd.

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  • Values.
  • Principles.
  • Democracy.
  • Mass immigration from Somalia.
  • Anal sex with men.
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The Real Question

The real question is:





He hasn’t released a video in 21 hours.

This one.

21 hours ago at time of writing.

Is he dead?

What will the world do if Tim Pool is dead?