Halloween Terror: Colored Zombie Riots Throughout France After Call to #Purge

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

Well, so much for running around in costumes and asking for Halloween candy.

Candy is gross anyway, and there’s probably some evil occult thing going on with this weird holiday. Why did Americans start practicing this holiday? Was it a ploy to sell corn syrup?

Because, let me tell you – this is not really native to France, or anywhere else. It’s just been imported to everywhere else, like every other degenerate Jewish “American” cultural product.

Google says that this is some Celtic pagan thing, but I’m sure the Jews had something to do with pushing it everywhere.

New York Post:

More than 100 young people were arrested in the Paris suburbs on Halloween — after messages circulated around social media calling for a “purge” of the police force, according to new reports.

Gangs of masked teens stormed through the city center of Lyon, harassing cops and passersby, smashing store windows and setting trash bins on fire.

In one case, in the deprived Seine-Saint-Denis area north of Paris, youths robbing a grocery store attacked police with acid, according to Denis Jacob of the police union Alternative Police. A sportswear store was also looted.

Authorities needed to use tear gas to control the rioters, reports said.

The chaos was incited by a Snapchat message shared by a 19-year-old man from Grenoble who encouraged others to gang up in neighborhood groups, go out on the street and fight, France 24 English reported.

The riots were inspired by the Hollywood horror film franchise “The Purge,” which depicts a dystopian America where all crime is made legal for one day a year.

The original poster ultimately admitted it was all a joke and urged the public not to commit any violent acts — but he was arrested anyway, cops said.

They should probably arrest the people who made that movie, too.

Although the violence turned out to be less severe than a year ago, 15,000 cops were deployed Wednesday night in anticipation, Castaner said.

That’s a high price to pay for immigration – I sure hope they work hard and pay all those police officer pensions to make up for it.

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in France, though the influence of American films and TV series have caused it to become more visible since the late 1990s.

Every. Single. Time.

I’m not sure how much longer the French are going to put up with this.

As nigger violence increases, you eventually reach a point in which people forget all about Democracy and Equal Rights and all that stuff, and they just really want the nigger problem taken care of.

According to this poll, 41% of French people would support an “authoritarian power” to “deeply reform” the country.

I’m willing to bet that this is mostly white males under 35 holding this opinion, and that they’re just waiting for the death of les boomeurs so that they can finally get this show on the road.

Keep pushing, sandniggers – and you might see a real purge.