Halle Failstreamer Killed Two Germans – A Disabled Music Fan and a GERMAN PAINTER

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2019

There are some serious questions about whether the German failstreamer is actually Laura Loomer, as she is the only person to ever fail as hard as this guy. Also, their faces are exactly the same in a surreal way.

In an essay yesterday, I went into the seeming impossibility of a person with the ingenuity to make all of these homemade guns failing as badly as Stephen Balliet failed in his retard rampage through Halle, Germany.

It is truly a sick and bizarre event.

And it becomes even sicker when we learn how sympathetic the two people he actually did kill were.

Neither was non-German, let alone Jewish.

He killed two random Germans.

New York Post:

The two people murdered by the anti-Semitic gunman who went on a rampage near a synagogue in Germany were identified in local outlets Thursday as a music superfan and a young construction worker.

Jana Lange, 40, was walking home Wednesday around noon when she passed the Jüdische Gemeinde Halle temple that shooting suspect Stephan Balliet was trying to break into, local website Stern reported.

She was gunned down as she walked by the house of worship.

Moments later, the killer drove to a kebab shop, where he shot dead a 20-year-old identified only as Kevin S., who was on his lunch break from a nearby construction site where he worked as a painter, his mother told RTL.

“He had his whole life ahead of him,” said his distraught mom, identified only as 43-year-old Mandy S.

“I don’t know how my life is supposed to carry on.”

The first victim, Lange, couldn’t work due to medical reasons and devoted her time to going to concerts and collecting autographs, her friends told the outlet.

One of her favorite artists, German singer and TV presenter Stefan Mross, paid tribute to her Thursday on Facebook writing: “The rampage in Halle has taken our most loyal fan from us,” and describing Lange as having a “zest for life.”

Both of the victims’ murders were captured in a sickening video the shooter made using a smartphone mounted on a helmet. The footage was livestreamed on Twitch to around 2,200 people.

So he killed a mentally disabled woman who was a music fan – a woman who sounds like the kind of person that anyone with a soul would feel bad for if they met her and made a point to be really nice to.

And he killed A GERMAN PAINTER.

A G E R M A N P A I N T E R.

The Weebnat neo-Nazi rampager who swore to kill Jews killed a German painter.

For those of you not picking up on this – our dear Uncle Adolf was also a German painter, before he decided to go into politics.

So the absolute POETIC INJUSTICE of this retarded weebnat’s acts is reaching depths that are difficult to comprehend.

It’s just.

Please kids.

Learn from this.

You are not going to be celebrated for doing something like this, you will instead be called a retard. More than likely, that will be the outcome.

Brenton Tarrant was high IQ and high competence and picked the most unsympathetic target (a terrorist recruitment mosque). Okay. He got massive support from boomers and all right-wing normies. He didn’t have a handler, he didn’t plan this on a forum. That’s why people liked him. It is extremely unlikely that anyone will ever do that again with that level of competence, and if you are thinking about doing it, then you need to look at this situation in Germany and start thinking of other potential outlets to express your rage.

In other news, Stephen Balliet was the product of divorce and a single mother. A fact which surprises absolutely no one.

The kikes who legalized divorce deserve to pay the ultimate price, and they will – I promise you that. But it’s going to take time.

And to be clear – yes, I do have sympathy for Stephen. I absolutely do. I also have sympathy for his random German victims.

The whole thing is just a tragic mess, and absolute proof that we need to work towards waking people up to the problems we face, not some kook revolutionary plot.

Please, all of you: just be chill.

Listen to some music and chill.

Focus on working out, building a career, making money. If you have sexual frustration, consider employing a prostitute once a month or as often as you can afford (if you’re taking work seriously, you should be able to afford one at least once a month).

Things are going in the right direction.

This was never something that was going to be solved overnight, okay.

Just stay cool and watch the Golden Path unfold before you in slow motion.