Half of People in Britain are Not Fully Indoctrinated Into the Holohoax

The entire position of the Jews in society is based on their victimhood. If they did not shroud themselves in victimhood, Jews would just be very rich, very ugly people who are promoting gay sex, feminism, endless wars, Wall Street financial swindles, black rioting, the coronavirus hoax, the coronavirus vaccine, abortion, anti-white hatred, pornography, mass immigration, and race mixing.

(Jews actively, as a cohesive group, work to promote all of those things.)

And of course, someone would have to point out that they continue to work to destroy our religion of Christianity – by coincidence, after they were cursed for killing Our Jesus.

Ben Shapiro is the single most “conservative Jew” you’re ever going to find, and this grimy kike rat blasphemed Our Blessed Lord and Savior, falsely claiming that he was a “Jew” and that he got what he deserved.

Can you imagine that Christians follow this man? They do. They do.

This is America – where Christians take advice from literal Christ-killing Jews.

Do you know why they’re called “kikes”?

When they were on Ellis Island, they refused to sign their name with an “x” because it looked like a Christian cross. They instead drew a circle, and pointed at it, and said in Yiddish “kikel.”

Their entire identity as a race is defined by deicide.

The fact that Jews, a population making up 2% of the country, control basically every single relevant institution of power – and use it for such exploitative, abusive, and sadistic purposes – would make them despised by left and right alike.

In fact, if people were allowed to talk about Jews, the entire hoax would fall apart. They would be run out of our countries by mobs with pitchforks, as has happened to them a full 109 times in the past.

But people are not allowed to talk about Jews, because Jews are the ultimate victims, and thus they cannot be criticized.

They are the ultimate victims because of the ridiculous hoax they invented called “The Holocaust.”

Before coronavirus, this was the biggest hoax in history.

The Guardian:

Just over half of Britons did not know that 6 million Jewish people were murdered during the Holocaust, and less than a quarter thought that 2 million or fewer were killed, a new survey has found.

The study also found that 67% of UK respondents wrongly believed that the government allowed all or some Jewish immigration, when in fact the British government shut the door to Jewish immigration at the outbreak of the war.

When respondents were asked about the Kindertransport, an initiative set up between 1938 and 1939 to rescue nearly 10,000 Jewish child refugees and bring them to Britain, 76% said they did not know what the historic effort was.

The survey, commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, also found that the overwhelming majority of respondents (89%) said they had definitely heard about the Holocaust, and about three-quarters knew that it involved the mass murder of Jewish people.

A majority of UK respondents (57%) also believe that fewer people seem to care about the Holocaust today than they used to, and 56% believe that something like the Holocaust could happen again today.

Most respondents in all four nations in the UK – Wales (66%), Northern Ireland (61%), England (55%), and Scotland (54%) – believe something like the Holocaust could happen again today.

When polled about education, 91% of respondents in Northern Ireland believe it is important to continue to teach about the Holocaust. The numbers were similar in the other regions, – 88% in England and Wales, and 86% in Scotland.

The study surveyed 2,000 UK adults aged 18 and over between 29 September and 17 October 2021.

Gideon Taylor, the president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, said: “We are very concerned to see the profound gaps in knowledge of the Holocaust in this and in previous studies including about events connected to the UK. Yet, it is very powerful to see the overwhelming majority of UK respondents say the Holocaust should be taught in schools.”

Eighty-eight percent believe that it is important to continue to teach the Holocaust, in part so it does not happen again. This is where we need to focus our energy. Education will not only fill the gaps in Holocaust knowledge, but it will also make for better, more empathetic citizens.”

Frankly, we’re way beyond the Holocaust being the most important issue.

We have spiraled completely and utterly out of control, having allowed these KIKES, these God-killers, to take control of our society like a mutant virus and drive us over a cliff with their demented and nonsensical virus hoax.

Most people have been completely doomed by this vaccine.

There is no political solution.

There is no solution at all, in fact.

It’s too late to do anything other than PRAY and RUN.

In the end, two things will happen:

  • Jesus wins
  • Jews lose

They tried to kill Him and they failed.

They are going to pay for this.

Pray you are blessed enough to be there when the goyim come home to roost.