Half of Americans Now Support Trump’s Moslem Ban

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2016


Support for Trump’s kebab removalist agenda has shot up.

I truly believe that Trump will bring our people together. Sure, there will be a few traitors who side with the Jews and their brown hordes. But as people see that Trump is right, and they get exposed to the pure joy of being part of the collective tribe, the SJW White will become a rare thing indeed.

Here’s an example of it already happening: according to the latest Reuters poll, 52% of Americans now support Trump’s proposed ban on kebab.

And of course – as we all know – this is just the beginning of the Trump plan. Banning kebab immigrants will lead to banning all immigrants and that will eventually lead to revoking citizenship from previous immigrants.

Just like with the leftist agenda, our right-wing agenda will be about getting people to go along with a series of steps towards a goal.