Half of Americans Back Stronger Role of Religion in Society

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2019

Some would argue that religions exist because people have a need to answer some questions, and religions that survived through time today are indeed the condensed result of smart people thinking about those questions and providing some answers.

When the original source material of these religions is discredited in the eyes of the population, the need to answer the questions that resulted in religions in the first place is still there and results in people attaching meaning to the meaningless in an effort to fill the void left by the extirpation of ancient wisdom.

You see this every day.

Atheism, veganism, sciencism, social justiceism, global warming, progressivism and the likes provide empty husks of meaning for the disenfranchised masses while fragmenting the collective conscious. The result is a nation of weak-willed faggots wasting the little drive they have on discussions about transgender bathrooms and female body hair styling while sipping wheat grass juice that they’ve convinced themselves is a superfood.

It is in this time of fake meaning and subjective truths that some people still thirst for authenticity.


Around half of Americans favor religion playing a greater role in US society, while 18 percent oppose that idea, according to a Pew Research Center study published Monday.

Despite there being a separation of church and state, religion plays a significant part in daily US life: the president traditionally is sworn in using a Bible, while “In God We Trust” is printed on bank notes.

France, Sweden and the Netherlands, meanwhile, posted almost opposite results: 47 percent, 51 percent and 45 percent respectively were opposed to religion playing a key role in society.

In the US, the proportion rose to 61 percent among people aged 50 and over, but dropped to 39 percent among 18 to 29-year-olds.

The logical question to ask now is “what kind of religion?”

Are these people in favor of religion playing a greater role in America thinking about faggot “give them all of your body’s cheeks” religion or are they thinking about something perhaps a little more old school?

Whatever the case, it’s good that an important percentage of the population is open to “a greater role” of religion. That openness must be seized by something working in our favor before the likes of Progressivism are fully embraced.

By attacking and corrupting Christianity, the Jews have decreased social cohesion and weakened our people. Society needs unity. Diversity is not a strength. Fragmented beliefs weaken our people.

Discrediting the timeless answers provided by the wise of old means leaving people on their own in their quest for meaning, and people left on their own tend to be easier to manipulate and corrupt.

To cleanse the rottenness corrupting our society today, we must first break the empty husks of meaning neutering our people’s hunger for truth and reveal the void that we’re then going to fill.