Half of All People Who Died of Coronavirus in Europe Were Care Home Residents, WHO Expert Says

WHO’s European director Hans Kluge really, really loves old people. He loves them so much he thinks they should live forever. 

After shocking data from Iceland and America showed coronavirus to be pretty much just like the flu, the hysteria-promoting media is now capitalizing on the fact that statistics have already shown that old people are the most likely to die from coronavirus.

They’re already trying to inflate statistics, now saying “maybe old people are secretly dying of the coronavirus?”

Of course, when the media went into overdrive with the hysteria, no one was thinking that we were collapsing our entire country so that people in their 80s could live a few more months.

Daily Mail:

Care home residents may account for nearly half of coronavirus deaths in Europe, the World Health Organisation said today.

The WHO’s European director Hans Kluge revealed the staggering figure at a press conference today where he labelled the deaths an ‘unimaginable human tragedy’.

Kluge said even ‘frail’ older people have a ‘good chance of recovery if they are well-cared for’ but warned that staff were lacking equipment and were often ‘overstretched and underpaid’.

Nursing home deaths are often missed out of official statistics because a shortage of tests means that residents were not confirmed to have the virus before they died.

Many countries have banned people from visiting nursing homes, a measure which has made the deaths of elderly relatives even more painful for many.

In actual fact, the old people are more likely dying because they’re being isolated. Old people tend to die when they give up hope, and isolation causes them to give up hope.

Studies have shown that in old people, loneliness is a predictor of death.

WHO isn’t going to mention that, because their entire purpose now is to attempt to justify the nightmare world that they’ve created with these lunatic measures.

Kluge, the WHO director, said today that many people living in care homes were ‘particularly vulnerable to this virus’, which is generally more dangerous to older people.

According to estimates from countries in the European region, up to half of those who have died from Covid-19 were resident in long-term care facilities,’ he said.

This is an unimaginable human tragedy. ‘To the many who are experiencing this loss, my thoughts are with you.’

Is it really, Hans?

Because every single study about old people’s views on death shows that they’ve already accepted it long before they’re in a nursing home and they have no issue talking about it openly.

There is zero reason at all to call the death of people in their 80s and 90s “an unimaginable tragedy.” It is in fact a blessing, both to them and their families.

They are grateful.

The actual “unimaginable tragedy” is this system of nursing homes keeping these people alive long after they could have had a natural death.

That having been said, the idea that even a few people, let alone statistically relevant numbers of people, have died secretly of coronavirus without making it into the official statistics is kooky and ridiculous, and just like everything else WHO has said about this virus, it has no data to support it other than, I presume, an increase in average February-April nursing home deaths over previous years. But again, old people are very fragile, and isolating them from visitors is going to vastly increase deaths, as there is huge amounts of data to indicate.

Due to the hysteria, anyone showing any symptoms would have been a reason for the staff to call for outside medical attention.

Old people are simply an easy place for these people to go and find bodies to pad the numbers with, and that’s what they’re going to do. The current death numbers are as padded as they can be, and they can’t just invent deaths in published data – this isn’t the aftermath of World War Two – so in order to pad the statistics further, they’re just going to add all of the people who died in care homes during this time period as “coronavirus deaths.”

That’s still going to barely get them past flu numbers.