Half-Breed Abo Adam Goodes Furthers Black Privilege Agenda in Australia

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2015


Don't call Goodes an ape, or he'll go ape on you.
Don’t call Goodes an ape, or he’ll go ape on you.

A half-caste Abo with body odour and a striking similarity to a primate is creating a storm down under as once again he cries racism over the fact everyone hates him.

Adam Goodes, 35, is the country’s number one race-baiting boong and anti-racism ambassador. He’s also a rich Australian Rules football player who celebrated his first nation’s pride by marrying a White woman as soon as he could.

However, despite his half-million-dollar yearly gig with all the perks, he’s still found time to be oppressed for being an Abo.

And the entirety of the liberal media is out to defend him against the horrible hurts caused him by racist Whites who hate Aboriginal players in a code that just happens to be full of them. Yes, it minds not Goodes that none of the other hundred plus indigenous players in the AFL cops a serve, but then none of them act like he does, crying hurt feels at the drop of a stick.

To this end, the media is right behind him, as are the politicians, and even though race has nothing to do with Australia’s loathing of him, the bleeding hearts insist it has everything to do with it. For, how can someone dislike a half-caste UNLESS it’s to do with doing racism on them?

See, Goodes is like a racism alchemist — he can produce examples of the very best racism being done on him from literally any incident. He showed how all White Australians do racism on Aborigines when in 2013 he picked out a 13-year-old girl who was a supporter of rival team Collingwood and exposed her for using racism on him from the stands. He literally stopped the match and had this evil little White girl with a disabled mother singled out.

The girl had apparently yelled out that he was an “ape”, a racial insult that his super hearing caught in spite of the noisy and crowded arena. Now, nobody jumped to the defence of our ape friends who were slighted by this comparison, but then they don’t cry so easily.

The girl was hauled away by police and game officials and held like a proper criminal without an adult relative present while she was interrogated Abu Ghraib-style, which was just and proper.

She was yelled at, threatened, and then ejected from the stadium. But the media didn’t feel this was enough and ganged up on her too, practically calling for people to throw bricks at her 13-year-old body in the streets.

Of course, the fact he looks like an ape and that in sport fans tend to sledge the opposition had nothing to do with it. Goodes became a national hero and anti-racism crusader by standing up to this 13-year-old girl and her disabled mother.

The girl was reduced to a crinkled mess, and despite denying that her remark was meant to be racist, she was broken enough to send him a letter of apology.  Goodes tore up the letter without reading it.

It was only fitting that the following year he was crowned 2014 Australian of the Year for having racism done to him by the teenage girl.

Now, it’s anybody’s guess what his problem is, but it’s about to become illegal to boo him or do anything but throw yourself prostrate to the ground when he appears on television. Goodes denial is also being discussed with the UN for possible inclusion in its list of hate crimes, along with Holohoax denial.

The proudest black fellas all do sex on the White woman. Then make them a trophy.
The proudest black fellas all do sex on the White woman. Then make a trophy of them.

Regardless of whether anyone’s doing racism on him, the important thing is that the country is TALKING about how racist it is.

And thus, the whole world over, black lives are being promoted as more sacred than White lives. America is currently paralysed with the insanity of promoting black lives ahead of Whites in the roll-up to that nation’s Armageddon.

It’s just Australia’s leg of the White Genocide agenda, and Goodes is playing his part well, obliging his globalist masters.

We urge you all to join the We Stand With Adam Goodes petition on e-activist initiated by a Greens politician. That is unless you’re a racist who hates half-breed Abos who closely resemble rock apes and boo them when they’re doing football.