HAHA: “Migrants” Getting Rejected at the Canadian Border After Believing Internet Hoax Messages that “Canada Wanted Them”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

“Sorry, buddy. It was a hoax. We don’t want you any more than anyone else wants you. Just go back.”

I want to say that I actually thought of doing this hoax myself, but never got around to making it happen (I was too busy).

However, I am very glad that someone made it happen. I will just sit here and imagine that it was someone who saw me talking about it in a chat room.

The Times:

It started with a WhatsApp message that read like an answer to the prayers of thousands of immigrants fearing deportation by President Trump.

Canada wanted them, it promised — a revelation that filled Haitians across the United States with hope and helped to encourage an exodus to the north.

There was just one problem: the information was false. Nonetheless thousands of Haitians living legally in the US have crossed into Canada over the past two months rather than risk being sent back to their Caribbean island.

They have quickly discovered the immigration criteria are less forgiving than they had been led to believe.

Okay so just because this has been done once doesn’t mean that it cannot be done again.

My plan was to tell Mexicans that they would be getting free houses and cars in Montreal (because Montreal did make some kind of statement that “all asylum seekers are welcome here”).

We can totally still do that. We just need someone to write it up in good Mexican Spanish, and then figure out a way to disseminate it.

It could be really, really funny. If done right.