HAHA: Africans Lose Fingers Trying to Flee US to Canada!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2017

Why would these blacks do this?

Are they stupid?

Or is it part of their plan?

Clearly, Canada isn’t going to deport people with no fingers.

Maybe having no fingers is better than returning to the brutal civil war in Syria…?


Asylum seekers are illegally crossing from the US into Canada in growing numbers hoping to receive refugee status. One small prairie town in southern Manitoba has become the nexus point for migrants who have lost hope in the US.

It was a cold Seidu Mohammed and Razak Iyal could barely comprehend.

On Christmas Eve, they found themselves struggling through a waist-deep field of snow in a rash night-time bid to sneak across the Canada-US border.

The two men had met just few hours before at a Minneapolis bus station and both faced deportation back to Ghana after being denied refugee status in the US.

They had heard through a network of other refugees and African expats that if they could get into Canada, they had a second shot at asylum in the north.

The path was straightforward: find a ride to the border from Minneapolis, MN or Grand Forks, ND, avoid patrols until you reach Canadian soil, and then turn yourself into Canadian authorities as an asylum seeker.

Iyal and Mohammed decided to make the trek together, and paid US$200 each to a cab driver who dropped them near the international boundary.

They kept to the road until they neared the border.

“That’s where we saw the big farm with the snow. Snow everywhere. We were seeing the light of the border far from us, but we are seeing the light,” Iyal recalls.

Soon they had lost their gloves in the snow. The wind stole Mohammed’s baseball cap.

How do you lose your gloves?

Did they just slip off?

And why would you wear a baseball cap in sub-zero weather?

Gas stations in Minnesota are going to be selling beanie hats for $7.99.

“There is wind and cold,” he says “And the wind is blowing the snow into our face. So I can’t see nothing.”

By the time they reached Highway 75 in Manitoba, their hands had frozen into claws. They could not reach the phones in their pockets to dial 9-1-1 as planned. Mohammed’s eyes had frozen shut.

The only vehicles on the road before dawn on Christmas were transport trucks ferrying cargo between the US and Canada. Many passed, flashing their high beams at the two before blowing by, until one stopped to give them assistance.

They have been receiving treatment at a specialised burn unit in a Winnipeg hospital since that 10-hour journey. Both had most of their fingers amputated due to the severe frostbite.

Iyal says nurses had to chip away at the snow and ice between Mohammed’s fingers.

Their story has brought attention to a phenomenon that is not new but has been growing steadily in recent years. And it has not deterred others from making the cross-border trip. Record numbers of people have crossed near Emerson in the past few weeks.

It is not just Manitoba. Quebec and British Columbia are also seeing more and more people illegally crossing the border to make refugee claims.


I’m really having a hard time feeling bad for these guys.

But who knows?

Could be it’s white people’s fault.

After all, the brutal civil war in Syria is a result of the Crusades a thousand years ago.

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