Hag Theresa May Reaches Brexit Deal Agreement – Spoiler: It’s a Complete Hoax

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2018

What a surprise, the deal is completely awful.

After countless delays, Theresa May has finally reached some kind of agreement with the European Union as to how to proceed with Brexit.

Surprising no one, the “deal” basically boils down to “actually let’s not do Brexit, while claiming we’re doing it.”

Britain would still respect EU trade regulations, would still pay the EU billions per year, would still be forced to accept visa-free entry from the EU, and so on. So basically, nothing that the British people actually wanted will be granted to them.

And in fact, things will arguably be worse than they were pre-Brexit, since now the British have absolutely no control over EU regulations, yet still have to follow them.

Is this Theresa May bitch completely insane?

Oh. Right.

The Guardian:

As rumours flew that her Brexiter enemies were calling for her head in no-confidence letters, out she stepped alone. After five gruelling hours convincing her cabinet, a beleaguered prime minister stuck to her friendless deal: sticking is what she does best.

Now the arm-twisting, the bribery and the for-the-good-of-the-country cajoling of every last MP begins in earnest. Pinned to the wall, each must finally reveal their true colours; some will be principled, some not: Tories must reckon if the future is with Theresa May and her deal, or with Brextremists in their constituencies. Any Labour would-be defector must reckon whether their local party could ever forgive them for voting to keep this government in power.

Meanwhile, Brexit mis-selling continues unabated. In her statement this evening, May said that her deal would give us back “control of our money, laws and borders”, while protecting business and jobs. None of that is true. Nowhere is there any evidence to be found in the lengthy withdrawal deal.

For the foreseeable, we are in a customs union we cannot leave without EU permission and our borders are open to EU citizens. We are paying £39bn, business has no certainty for future investment and as for jobs – well, let’s just cross our fingers and hope. May pretends that some distant sunlit trade deal, hazily sketched, will one day emerge from the political declaration that accompanies the deal. Will it be in two years, 10 years, sometime, never? No one knows.

Precisely none of the reasons why the British people wanted out of the EU have been addressed – this “deal” is a total hoax.

Everyone is saying that a vote of no-confidence is coming for Theresa May, and that at this point that would spell the end of her reign. We can only hope so.

It’s Boris time, lads.