Hackers Blitz Zuckerberg!

Patrik Fridén & Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2016


“The Nazis strike again! This is like another Kristallnacht!” 

Turns out Zuckerberg is a real sucker when it comes to passwords.

The password “dadada” was the best he could come up with, using it for multiple platforms at that.

Having this sharp intellect as our own opposition almost makes us look bad.



Over the weekend, Twitter and Pinterest accounts belonging to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg were hacked by a group called the “OurMine Team,” reportedly based in Saudi Arabia.

lol @ Saudi hackers.

RU sure?

They were able to pull this off because Zuckerberg did exactly what online security experts have been encouraging people not to do for years: he used the same password for several different social media platforms.

It was a rather lame password, at that: “dadada.”

The hackers were able to make the “dadada” password work with Twitter and Pinterest, although control of the accounts was soon retaken by administrators.

The lax security practices on display are even more unfortunate in light of LinkedIn’s claim that the password database in question was actually stolen in 2012. That would mean Zuckerberg not only used the same low-security password for multiple accounts, but he hasn’t bothered to change it for four years.

Twitter suspended the account of OurMine Team, but they had a secondary account ready – through which a member of the team complained, “I don’t understand why Twitter suspended our account while we are saving people from other hackers!”

That’s right, you can’t stop us.

When one is removed, two more emerge.

Hail Hydra!

OurMine Team seems like a pretty cool guy. They apparently only hack Jews.


In January the group hacked into the YouTube account of Markiplier (aka Mark Fischbach), a video game reviewer with over 13 million subscribers. They posted a 3-minute video bearing their logo set to electronic background music, and bragged about the hack on their Twitter account.

They also tweeted alleged screenshots from Fischbach’s analytics page revealing the star earned over $656,000 from YouTube during November 2015. But it’s not clear if they’re real or doctored images—the group had already earned a reputation for being untrustworthy, by taking credit for hacks others .

In May 2016, OurMine hacked into the SoundCloud account of electronic musician Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman). They marked the victory by tweeting “Hey Joel, it’s OurMine Team, we are just testing your security, please dm us for contact.” OurMine also boasted of stealing nearly $39,000 from a popular YouTuber last December.

One hacker said he traced OurMine’s IP address to Saudi Arabia, but that’s tough to confirm. With OurMine’s Twitter account suspended, the group’s main method of communication has been shut down. Judging from recent history, though, they’ll pop back up again before long.

Saudi Arabia definitely seems unlikely.

Maybe check Ichor.