Hackers Flood Reddit with Pro-Trump Messages

Finally, reddit is forced to learn something.


In what appears to be a massive coordinated strike against Reddit, hackers took over dozens of pages on Friday afternoon, using their access to plaster pro-Donald Trump imagery across subreddits with huge followings.

Coming just over three weeks after hackers used access to high-profile Twitter accounts to tweet a bitcoin scam, the wave of Reddit compromises has a similarly eye-popping reach. Reddit communities with well over a million members—including r/space, r/food, and r/NFL—were all defaced with Make America Great Again campaign banners and other pro-Trump signage.

Sometime on Friday morning, hackers began breaking into the accounts of the moderators of dozens of subreddits, ranging from the popular channels cited above to more niche fare like r/beerporn. They used that access not only to splash the pro-Trump imagery all over the page, but in many cases posted a MAGA missive from the moderator’s account with the subject “We Stand With Donald Trump #MIGA2020.”

“We on behalf of the American people want to implore and strongly encourage you all to vote Trump in the 2020 elections of the USA of America,” read one such message, posted to the college-football-focused r/cfb. The post goes on to call the novel coronavirus a “hoax,” loosely compares Trump to Batman, and ends with a list of “Ten Things Democrats Did Wrong,” which includes “Nice people are hated by the Democrats” as a bullet point. In the case of r/cfb, the hackers also set the community to private, leaving only an emoji-strewn pro-Trump message on the landing page for those locked out.

Are they really pro-Trump messages?

Or is this a setup to blame “Russia” or “China” for “hacking the election”?