Ha! Mainstream Media Has to Use Chinese Bots to Fake their Visitor Count!

Daily Stormer
February 13, 2017

Wait, what? China?

The mainstream media has taken such a huge credibility hit since the election, that their popularity is tanking, as is their revenue stream.

Of course, they could always have cleaned up their act, stopped producing fake news and started doing real reporting.

Alternatively, they could hire Chinese scammers to fake higher metrics and pretend to still be relevant.

I wonder which they chose? Hmmm…


Last week the Failing New York Times published an article crediting Donald Trump and the controversial election for “more subscribers in three months than all of 2015,” claiming the addition of 276,000 new “digital-only” customers. The beleaguered publication owned by Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim is doing so well in fact that they are vacating 8 floors of their New York headquarters to generate “significant rental revenue,” as well as pushing lame Twitter ads offering 40% off subscriptions which state things like “Truth. It’s vital to democracy” and “The best independent journalism.”

We’ve covered the story of the New York Times having to rent out their office space just to try an lose money at a slower pace.

They’re bleeding cash faster than you can say “fake news.”

While subscriber count may have allegedly increased, website traffic really didn’t start picking up until the first week in December.

Digital subscribers is something they can claim without proof, as the only way to verify would be to take a close look at their server logs and accounting documents. Even then, it’s something that could easily be faked.

The Washington Post and The Guardian (UK) saw similar traffic trends around the same time, in stark contrast to most of their peers. A quick before-and-after illustrates the dramatic pickup in visitors:

Rankings at the beginning of December, 2016:

Rankings as of February 8th, 2017:

Huh, how suspicious.

Traffic begins to pick up significantly around the middle of December for all three. Here’s a look at the overall picture compared to various other news outlets:

That’s odd. Now let’s take a look at each outlet’s traffic by country for the NYT, which shows significant increases in visitors from China, jumping from 5.1% to 49.2% of all site traffic in two months:

What’s most interesting is that The NY Times has been completely blocked in China since 2012, and just last month Apple was ordered to pull two NYT apps from the App store despite users being unable to view content since the original 2012 ban. Per the NY Times:

“When the Chinese government began blocking the Times websites in 2012, it also prevented users with Times apps from downloading new content.“

Top Kek!

They’re getting most of their traffic from a country in which they’re banned completely! Try to explain that one away, Kikes!

Now let’s take a look at the Washington Post and The Guardian, which are not blocked in China – jumping from virtually no traffic to 58.9% and 57% of site-wide visitors respectively.

These dramatic increases in traffic have significantly bumped each site’s Alexa ranking by as much as 38%, a key metric used in website valuation. Of note, BBC.com experienced a similar boost, and others may have as well.

Not to overstate the obvious, but considering the URL ban on the New York Times, one might conclude that this massive increase which now accounts for nearly half of all website traffic is some type of high volume traffic generating bot server unimpeded by China’s restrictive firewall, synthetically inflating visitor counts for affected sites.

This is huge.

Revealing this isn’t just a massive blow to these media organization’s reputations. It’s evidence that they’re engaging in criminal fraud. The reality is that their revenue is based on advertising. Artificially inflating their visitor count and other metrics through bots could certainly be used to con advertising companies into giving them more money than they would otherwise get.

If we can get other companies to sue the media over this fraud, they’ll go bankrupt once and for all.

Adios, Jews!

If nothing else, it’s a great talking point. From now on, Trump can start calling them out by saying “nobody reads the New York Times – they have to fake their traffic numbers through Chinese bots. Sad!”