Guy Takes Selfie with Trudeau, Calls Him a “Communist F*ck”

Canadian coronavirus lockdown hoaxster Justin Trudeau was touring somewhere this week, and a guy asked him to pose for a selfie – then waited until he was up close and said “communist fuck!”

Trudeau then mumbled something and scurried off like a rat.

Trudeau has lately been run out of places by mobs of angry people who disagree with his aggressive and insane virus agenda.

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It took long enough, but apparently it is finally sinking into people’s brains:

  • There is no new virus (or there is some light flu-like virus that only affects very old or very fat people), and
  • None of these bizarre measures restricting basic freedoms are ever going to end

Apparently, people had to get to what was presented as the end of the story – the release of the vaccine – before they began to realize that this is not the end of the story.

None of these virus believers are going to be able to go anywhere without getting mobbed. They can release all the polls they want about how people love being oppressed by them, but ultimately the people that love being oppressed (if they exist) are not going to show up on the streets to support them.

What people are going to soon discover is that it doesn’t matter how many people protest against these people and this virus system – it is going to remain. That should be another wakeup call for people – this is not “a democracy” in the sense that the people have some say in the way the government acts.