Guy Shoots Himself in the Dick After Robbing a Hot Dog Stand

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2017

I can’t find a picture of the guy who shot his junk.

For some reason though I can’t really see a White guy being unable to use a safety, or robbing a sausage restaurant.

Also, if it was a white guy, they’d post his picture.

New York Post:

A clumsy Chicago crook gave himself the shaft when he tried to stuff a gun in his pocket and it discharged, shooting him in the junk, according to a report Friday.

Terrion Pouncy, 19, barged into the restaurant, Original Maxwell Street Polish on the city’s South Side, with a scarf over his face Tuesday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The ballsy bandit allegedly whipped out a small-caliber pistol and demanded cash from the register, the paper reported, citing court documents. He then allegedly snatched a cellphone and wallet from a 39-year-old worker’s pocket.

He tried to stuff the pistol in his pants pocket while running away, but it prematurely discharged twice — shooting him in the right thigh and penis, the paper reported.

The teen stumbled to a vacant car wash with his mangled manhood and and was forced to call 911 for help, according to the report.

He was rushed to a hospital with and now faces two counts of armed robbery with a firearm.