Guns Blamed for “Teen” Malfunction

Modern Heretic
June 25, 2015


Once the most obvious answer is declared criminal, once the simple solution to a simple problem has been removed for fear of being called a name, the dinosaur media and our ruling criminals are forced to perform elaborate contortions to explain the predictable failure of the lower races. We must not be spending enough. We have too many rights. Grandpa said the “N” word at Thanksgiving.

All of these pathetic excuses are presented, when the negro and la-teen-oh failure is even dignified with a moment of recognition. Noticing inherent racial differences and the natural conclusions about separation and deportation that spring from this recognition must be prevented at all costs. You don’t want to be a “races” or a “not-see,” do you?


Ny News 13:

Two minors are recovering after they were shot at an Orlando park. It happened Monday evening at Poppy Park, on Lescot Lane off Raleigh Street.

Will the mulatto alien sodomite cry fake tears and use racial slurs to address this pathology? Seems rather unlikely.

The shooters were four teenagers. Police said the boys opened fire at the park where dozens of people were gathered.

Those crazy “teens” and their innocent little stunts like ineptly “busting” at a brown mob. Clearly the process of doing the old life u-turn is nearly complete for these angelic rosy-cheeked cherubs.

“That incident happened in the courtyard over there where they play basketball,” neighbor Eddie Maldonado said.

This is the closest thing to a mention of race in this article. Basketball Americans, African tree hockey gone wrong.

Orlando police said 30 to 40 people were gathered in Poppy Park when an officer patrolling the area saw several young men get out of a sedan and open fire, shooting two young people.

Scenes from a vibrant and healthy democracy.

The vehicle tried to get away, but the officer was able to stop the car after a brief pursuit. Inside were four teenagers and several firearms.

Four well-meaning youths getting ready to go to college and some inanimate objects that deserve all the blame.

They are charged with attempted murder with injuries, conspiracy to commit murder and multiple felonies related to the possession of the firearms.

Please read the first ten pages of “Up from Slavery” and write a one hundred word report on what you read…

We are not releasing their names per our Crime Guidelines.

Race erased, per cultural marxism guidelines. We’ll have to guess if they were negroes, la-teen-ohs, or some sort of brown mix-n-match.

“How do they get their hands on these guns?” Maldonado asked.

“Eyyy, where dey geeeeting da guns, mang?” The same way you got into our country: by breaking the law.

He said he has seen a rise in teen crime and said gun control is the problem.

Surrendering completely should make us safe from the predictable non-White behavior.

It’s a problem that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is trying to get in front of. Just last week Sheriff Jerry Demings said his department takes about 2,500 guns off the street every year. Yet teens are still getting access to guns.

Huh. It’s almost like something about these teens, the “content of their character” if you will, is actually responsible for the crime and rot.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said so far this year there have been more than 1,300 violent crimes committed in unincorporated Orange County. More than 500 of those suspects are teens.

Keep paying your taxes, keep biting your tongue, keep sacrificing your children to the moloch of “diversity.” It’s clearly working.

The two people injured in Monday night’s gunfire suffered non-life threatening injuries. But now four teens will face consequences for violent life-changing actions.

A life-changing slap on the wrist for the unnamed dark monsters.