‘Gun Selfie’ Ends Negro

Modern Heretic
September 3, 2015

The amazing self-limiting negro.

The American negro has an average I.Q. of 85, a full standard deviation below the average White. Even this pathetic number is optimistic, receiving an artificial boost from mulattoes, mystery meats and, presumably, undercover brothers.

Having an intelligence quotient that matches the temperature on a pleasant summer day has massive societal consequences that are buried as hush crimes and “random incidents” on a daily basis. Simply stated, they lack the brainpower to live in a civilized White nation. Sometimes we get lucky and the idiocy of this failed branch of humanity leads only to their own destruction, rather than the ubiquitous robbery/rape/murder gone wrong.

Click 2 Houston:

A man posing with a gun and taking selfies was killed when the gun went off and struck him in southwest Houston, police said.

Hopefully these “gun selfies” will continue to be a major part of the rich and vibrant “African American” experience. Either the animal’s lack of coordination and basic cause and effect thinking results in a limiting or we get plenty of visual evidence that the media’s “good boys” are actually thuggish morons. Thank you negro, for helping us ruin the kosher narratives we’re endlessly fed with your own pathological and violent narcissism.

Family members said the victim is 19-year-old Deleon Alonso Smith.

Incredibly the victim is neither Spanish nor English, but just another Crab Grass American. I was surprised, too.

Investigators said Smith was taking selfies with a gun at an apartment in the 9800 block of Forum Park Drive and Bissonnet around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday when the gun accidentally went off, shooting the 19-year-old in the throat and killing him.


“It’s a numb feeling. It’s still unbelievable. Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and now this kind of news,” said Smith’s grandmother Alma Douglas.

Good boy, turning that life around, on the way to grandma’s for birthday wishes, about to go to college, room brightening smile, would never harm another living thing, future oceanographer, killed by “racism.” The Second Amendment is “races,” right?

Family members said Smith has two young children and was starting college Wednesday.

Yes, this worthless and dangerous negro animal had already fathered two bastards. At the age of 19. Don’t have children Whites, we have to save the world from “over population.”

The cousin told police they found the gun earlier Tuesday, but investigators are working to find out where.

Seems plausible. “We donn fauwnd dis gun an sheet. I dindu nuffin’.” Instead of being used against a White victim the miraculous immaculately acquired firearm killed a living fossil.

Police said Smith believed the gun was unloaded at the time.

Better test that theory by pointing it at my throat and pulling the trigger.

No charges have been filed.

Maybe the best “no arrests were made” ending ever.

What could possibly go wrong?