Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

Brave British photographer Dale Morris from Caters News has pictured kangs in their natural kangdom.

Daily Mail:

These striking portraits of a rarely-photographed Ethiopian tribe give a rare glimpse into the ancient body modification traditions.

More than that, they give a glimpse into the nature of the nigger and its achievements.

The Omi tribe who live in the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia, have some of the world’s most unique and radical body modifications.

With everything from tribal war paint to lip piercings the size of dinner plates, his stunning gallery shows some of the world’s most unique and radical body modifications.

Photographer Dale Morris, who is originally from the UK but now lives in South Africa, took the most recent photos last month, after visiting the reclusive group multiple times over an eight year period.

Some Omi women choose to wear a saucer lip plate, called a dhebi a tugoin. The procedure involves girl’s lower lip being cut when she reaches the age of 15 or 16, then the wound is stretched over time but inserting slightly bigger discs to eventually fit a large clay plate. When the lip is stretchy enough for a big plate the two bottom teeth are removed

Such a rich culture.

The Omi tribe are known for expressing their emotions through facial expressions and do not hide their mood and often use dancing and singing to express themselves. Not all women get lip piercing and the process can be very painful. Mr Morris added: ‘The process starts when the girl is a teenager. It is a strange practice that looks extremely painful and uncomfortable’

Wow such a rare characteristic!

As you can see, they wuz really kangs.

What? You’re not convinced yet?

More pictures from Dale Morris/Caters News below.

After seeing Wakanda with your own eyes, you may be left wondering “why do they do that to themselves?

The reason they do that to themselves is the same reason “drag queens” and trannies wear their disguises. What’s possessing those bodies is externalizing its tastes and appearance.

In the case of trannies, we know for sure they’re possessed by daemons and all kinds of evil entities.

The Omi tribe, however, appears to be a community of entities that mostly keep to themselves and their look suggests daemons might not be the exact word to describe what possesses them. Maybe ancient nature spirits.

I know “nature spirits” sounds less threatening than “daemons” but they can be just as dangerous. We’d have to analyze their behavior to know with more certainty what is actually inside these nigger vessels. Not saying we should though, it’s easier and probably wiser to just ignore them and let them alone. At least while they’re keeping to themselves and not really causing any trouble.

This ridiculous need to civilize niggers is very cruel. It puts the weight of expectations they can’t fulfill on their shoulders. That weight crushes them. It’s like expecting hyenas to act human. Even if you raise them since they’re puppies, they’re just not up to the task and their psyche will be damaged. They’d suffer, and you’d suffer too. You’d get frustrated, and possibly eaten.

All gibs must be stopped.

Let them build their dream Wakanda in isolation.

…until we need those lands.