Guide Teaches Men How They Can be Feminist Allies in Only Six Steps!

Daily Stormer
January 4, 2017

When you’re super desperate for the V

Who wouldn’t want to be a White Knight?

Don’t you know that Beta Males have all the fun?

He totally cares about the cause

A feminist blog has released a guide outlining -in only six steps- how you can be a feminist zombie.

In all seriousness though, it’s always great to see the indoctrination involved with making someone believe something as fraudulent as feminism.


1) Learn the Lingo

Of course, you can be a feminist without a working knowledge of feminist vocabulary. You can absolutely be aware of certain issues and inequalities and just not know exactly what to call them.

First of all, knowing some feminist jargon can help you participate in and understand conversations about feminism and you’ll be less tempted to interrupt a woman while she’s speaking if you’re already on the same page.

Before I heard the term “body positivity,” I didn’t know there was an entire movement behind loving your own body and accepting all body types.

While learning feminist vocabulary is a great first step, don’t rely on women to teach you.

Women have more important things to do than give men vocabulary lessons.

Learn about feminist terms on your own.

They don’t have time to teach you anything entitled white boi.

What terrific teachers they are!

And the more you understand, the less you’ll interrupt a woman whilst she’s talking. Because alpha males obviously do that all the time.

So much to learn. Feminism is so complex!

So now we know that feminists think they’ve invented an entire language, or at least act like they have. And can I just say that you’d have to be retarded to hear the term ‘body positivity’ and not actually put two and two together to work out what it means or be surprised that there are lazy obese people trying to justify their slow suicide.

2) Educate Yourself on the Issues

Life would be so much easier for feminists if our friends and family already knew the details of the inequality we’re working to solve.

And if you know more about feminist issues, maybe you’ll be able to find specific ways you can help.

There are countless ways you can learn more about the issues affecting women.

You can read feminist books or blogs, listen to feminist podcasts or just listen to women about the issues affecting their every day lives.

Knowing the vocabulary can make this a lot easier, because you’ll have an easier time learning more about specific issues if you know what to look for.

I’m starting to wonder how old the person who wrote this is.

The first step was about self-education and learning the vocabulary, this step just repeats that and complains more about how easier feminists’ lives would be if they didn’t have to ‘teach’ men anything.

Are all their books this badly put together? Because that might make reading them a tad hard.

Normies actually spend money on these

3) Donate to Feminist Charities

All men should donate to feminist charities.

If you are financially able to donate even a little, this is something you should be doing.

Women earn between 15-45 percent less than men for the exact same job, depending on race.

Give us money because we say the wage gap is real.

Problem solved!

4) Stand Up for Women in Public

If you see a woman being harassed in public, say something.

Women are harassed and assaulted in public every day, and far too often bystanders just look the other way.

Don’t be the guy who looks away, be the guy who does something.

Whether you witness a girl being assaulted on public transportation, a woman being harassed for wearing a hijab or you see a racist white woman spewing hate at innocent shoppers, stand up for women when you witness misogyny, violence or bigotry.

I feel like this step is a trick.

They want you to think you should do something, but don’t forget that usually feminists ramble on about how they don’t need men and are strong enough to handle things themselves.

Remember- feminists want to be treated as complete equals

What they’re really saying here is don’t do something.

If you do interfere then they’ll accuse you of thinking women are weak and can’t stand up for themselves.

They thought they got us with this step but we’re too smart for them, we pay attention.

5) Call Out Other Men for Misogynistic Behavior

One of the best ways for men to support women is to call out other men on their sexism, whether the comments or behavior are in front of a woman or just with men.

Most of the time, people feel free to say sexist or bigoted things because they know they’ll get away with it. Be the person who doesn’t let them.

Sexist jokes normalize sexism and make men think misogynistic behavior is okay.

If you see or hear other men behaving in a sexist way or making sexist comments, shut it down.

This is just repetitive of step 4.

Clearly feminists don’t know how to group points together.

They really could’ve condensed this list.

6) Check Your Own Privilege and Sexist Behavior

Identifying as a feminist is great, but it doesn’t mean you’ll never say or do anything sexist.

Be aware that you will still make mistakes and be willing to listen to those who call you out on your sexist behavior.

Also, pay attention to your own privilege.

Women get less space in public and in conversations than men. Make space for women on public transportation, don’t talk over female colleagues and make sure the women around you get credit for their work.

It may sound like a lot to think about during the day, but you can make the world a better place for women just by being more self-aware.

No joke commentary with this step.

If you see a woman in public who behaves and looks like a legit lady, I’m all for it. Treat them with general respect. I’d see no reason to do otherwise unless they were acting out of line.

How can you treat it like a person if it doesn’t even look like a person?

But feminists have to realize that respect is not something you’re automatically given.

What would the point be of women acting refined and lady-like if we just handed out respect to degenerate pigs? There’d be no motive there for a woman to handle herself better.

I wouldn’t feel the urge to make room for a fat lesbian with a thousand colors in her hair.

Why should I respect her when she can’t even respect herself?

You need to learn their lingo and read their books Goy, then you’ll want to make room for them.

This list just reinforces how completely idiotic the movement is.

None of the steps had any substance and was basically just a big F-you to white men.

They just want men to get down on their knees for them and treat them like fragile children.

Give a feminists everything she wants and she’ll be happy. That’s the secret.