Guess Jew: Israeli Defense Force Plays Weird “Guess Who?” Game on Twitter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2019

Well, this is cute.

You can always count on the Israeli Defense Force to be cute.


The IDF’s Twitter account has put a unique spin on the children’s game ‘Guess Who?’, vowing to reveal the identity of “enemy operatives” in exchange for a certain number of retweets. Twitter was amused, and a little disturbed.

The strange game kicked off in a series of tweets on Thursday afternoon, in which the IDF laid out the ground rules.

“As your retweets go up, so will the faces,” the army said. “Every 50 RTs, you’ll bring us closer to revealing the identities of terrorists that Iran had hoped to keep secret.”

A few hours later, as promised, the account released the identities of three people it deemed “Iranian commanders” who, according to the army, “are working on a secret project” with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Though someone clearly put a lot of effort into the tweet’s high-quality graphics, and a short  video released alongside them, the IDF provided no source for the information.

Many on social media were intrigued by the game, with one person commenting“Well, I’m clearly not getting anything accomplished this morning,” while another tried to play along by ‘Guess Who?’ rules, asking“Does he wear glasses?”

Others took the opportunity to take shots at American political figures: “Was he a recent president of the United States?” one commenter asked – not the only one to bring US politics into the gag.

That’s really neat.

Jews sure do think a lot about Iran.