Gucci Mane is Woke AF on the JQ

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2017

From Gucci’s new autobiography:

When I signed my first recording contract I couldn’t even tell you what a Jewish person looked like or believed in. I was ignorant and I admit that. It wasn’t until Ice [Ice T aka Tracy Marrow] pointed out that most of the guys in the meetings where we planned promotional campaigns, music videos and so on were Jewish that I started to wonder why that was. I gotta admit that kind of thing can make you paranoid, because now every white guy in a suit who reaches his hand out to me look like the kinda nigga who about to take a cut of the profits or ask me to act more “gangster” in my videos.

Yes. Of course Jews want money.

But I wonder why they would want him to act more “gangster” in his videos?

I mean, why would the Jews be trying to further promote violence in the black community using entertainment media?

Unless, of course, they were purposefully trying to use blacks to destablize American society?

But they wouldn’t do that though, would they?

They’re God’s chosen people, after all.