Guatemalan Village Expels the Jews – Where Will the Child Abusers Go Now?

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2014

Jews are no longer welcome in San Juan La Laguna.

Two constants that can always be relied upon are that history will always repeat itself and the Jews will never change.

Up until now, the Jews have been expelled from 109 countries/territories that we know about, but now we can add another to that list.

San Juan La Laguna in Guatamala has just become the latest community to decide that it is fed up with the Jews and wants them to leave.

They are making the exact same accusations that have followed the Jews around for centuries: that they are discriminating against the native people, violating traditional customs and undermining the people’s faith.

So strange that a people completely unconnected to Europe would make these exact same claims against the Jews, no?


A community of 230 Orthodox Jews from several countries Thursday began leaving the Guatemalan Indian village where they have lived for six years after claims and counterclaims of discrimination and threats.

Their exit from San Juan La Laguna, on the banks of Lake Atitlan and 200 kilometers (125 miles) from the capital Guatemala City, follows a meeting Wednesday in which Jewish and indigenous representatives failed to reach an agreement.

“We are a people of peace and in order to avoid an incident we’ve already begun to leave the village,” Misael Santos, a representative from the Jewish community, told AFP.

They had received threats, Santos said.

We have a right to be there, but they threatened us with lynching if we don’t leave the village,” he added.

Most members of the small Jewish community are from the United States, Israel, Britain and Russia, and around 40 are Guatemalan. Approximately half are children.

Since October, the local indigenous population has accused the Orthodox Jews of discriminating against them and of violating Mayan customs.

The Council of Indigenous Elders said the Jewish community “wanted to impose their religion” and was undermining the Catholic faith that is predominant in the village.

We act in self-defense and to respect our rights as indigenous people. The (Guatemalan) constitution protects us because we need to conserve and preserve our culture,” council spokesman Miguel Vasquez told AFP.

“Are you deaf? I said side-lock wearing devils are no longer welcome in this town!”

The story and similarities do not end there though. Recently most members of an Orthodox Jewish sect in Canada escaped to Guatamala, to avoid being charged with child abuse. They were going to the South American destination to meet up with other Jews who had already moved there.


Most members of the haredi Orthodox sect Lev Tahor have moved from Canada to Guatemala amid allegations of child abuse.

Only five or six families — about 40 people — remain in the Lev Tahor settlement in Chatham, Ontario, about three hours southwest of Toronto, the London Free Press reported.

Much of the community has made its way to be reunited with sect members who left for Guatemala earlier this year. Others have gone to the United States and Israel, the paper reported.

“This story is going to end not with a bang but with a very loud fizzle,” Toronto lawyer Guidy Mamann, who was hired by the group last spring, told the Free Press. “I think we’re just seeing the last chapter of the Lev Tahor story being written in Canada in terms of their presence here.”

He added, “I don’t think anybody is planning on staying.”

In November, about 200 sect members moved to Chatham after Quebec’s youth protective services launched a process to remove 14 of the sect’s children.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp.’s French-language arm, Radio-Canada, reported that the bulk of the families began leaving Canada one by one starting in June to join fellow members involved in the custody battle who had left for Guatemala in March.

Youth protection officials alleged that the children were subjected to physical beatings, poor hygiene, forced ingestion of drugs, underage marriage and violating the province’s school curriculum.

The Lev Tahor have vigorously denied all the allegations and say they are victims of a religious smear.

In March, 12 of the children involved in the custody dispute and six adults left Canada on two separate flights. One group of nine flew through Trinidad and Tobago, where they were intercepted and returned to Canada, and another group of nine traveled through Mexico City to their ultimate destination, Guatemala.

Jews get back on their misery bus of doom ready to bleed another town dry.

One cannot help but wonder if children had started to go missing at San Juan La Laguna, just like they went missing all across Europe during the Middle Ages, in the countries that allowed the Jews to settle in them.

The same pattern that has happened time and time again over the centuries, is still happening even now. Pervert Jews are escaping from one country to another, claiming ‘persecution’ and then taking so much advantage of their new host’s kindness, that he is forced to have to kick them out too.

The Jew does not change, because he cannot change, his father is the Devil and the lusts of his father is all that he can ever do.

The Jews don’t change. Here they are in a woodcut from 1475, being suckled by their wetnurse, the Devil’s pig.