Guatemalan Government, Father Say “No Complaints” About How Dead Girl Treated – Jews Still Blame Whites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2018

So the government of Guatemala and the father of the girl have no complaints about how they were treated.


The father of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died after being detained by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) said he has “no complaints about how Border Patrol agents treated him and his daughter,” Guatemalan Consul Tekandi Paniagua told CNN on Saturday.

The consul said the father, Nery Gilberto Caal, told him agents did everything they possibly could to help his daughter, Jakelin Caal Maquin, after she became sick on a a bus. The bus traveled from the Antelope Wells port of entry in New Mexico to a Border Patrol station in Lordsburg, New Mexico, about 90 minutes away.

She died December 8 in a hospital in El Paso, Texas, authorities said. The cause of death has not been determined.

But the Jews are not done blaming whitey for a brown person dragging his small daughter through the desert without any water.

The father obviously doesn’t want to be charged with a crime for dragging this girl through the desert.

As it is now, the man is saying that the Border Patrol airlifted his daughter out, and they did everything they possibly could to save her. And even CNN is forced to report this.

However, I guarantee you, the Jewish media and various Jewish lawyers are going to be able to flip him by telling him he is less likely to be charged with a child abuse crime if he blames the Border Patrol for his daughter’s death.


Oh, what’s this?

They’ve already got lawyers changing the story that the father gave to the consulate.

Fox News:

The family of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in U.S. Border Patrol custody is disputing an account from U.S. officials who said she had not been given food or water for days.

In a statement released by lawyers, the parents of Jakelin Caal said the girl had been given food and water and appeared to be in good health as she traveled through Mexico with her father, 29-year-old Nery Gilberto Caal Cuz. The family added that Jakelin had not been traveling through the desert for days before she was taken into custody.

Tekandi Paniagua, the Guatemalan consul in Del Rio, Texas, told The Associated Press that he spoke with the Jakelin’s father. The consul said Nery Caal told him the group they were traveling with was dropped off in Mexico about a 90-minute walk from the border.

Border Patrol officials did not immediately respond to the family’s comments.

The family’s statement was released Saturday during a news conference in El Paso, Texas, at an immigrant shelter where Jakelin’s father is staying. Her family did not attend and has asked for privacy.

So the lawyers told the family not to even attend.

Because who knows what they might say.

Jakelin and her father were seeking asylum in the U.S. and were among a large group of migrants arrested Dec. 6 near a remote border crossing in New Mexico. Hours later they were placed on a bus to the nearest Border Patrol station, but Jakelin began vomiting and eventually stopped breathing. She later died at a Texas hospital.

Border Patrol officials on Friday said agents did everything they could to save the girl but that she had not had food or water for days. They added that an initial screening showed no evidence of health problems, and that her father had signed a form indicating she was in good health.

But the family took issue with that form, which was in English, a language her father doesn’t speak or read. He communicated with border agents in Spanish but he primarily speaks the Mayan Q’eqchi’ language.

“It is unacceptable for any government agency to have persons in custody sign documents in a language that they clearly do not understand,” the statement said.

Jakelin’s family is urging authorities to conduct an “objective and thorough” investigation into the death and to determine whether officials met standards for the arrest and custody of children.

That escalated quickly.

It is simply an obvious fact that this father is aware that he could be charged with serious child abuse for dragging a child that age through a desert with no water, and that he will do whatever he has to to keep from being charged with a crime for this act.

And it is also a fact that very powerful Jewish lawyers will want to use this story to push for open borders, by claiming that having borders leads to dead babies.

Because that is always the argument: some kind of emotionally charged sob story replaces any and all logic and reason.