Guatemala: Volcano Kills People as Earth Rages Against Parasite Nation of Fiends

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2018

Guatemala is a nation of fiendish devils – and the earth itself cries out against it.

Maybe you should have thought of this before launching an invasion of a peaceful nation, Guatos?


Twenty-five people have been killed and hundreds injured in the most violent eruption in decades in Guatemala.

The Fuego volcano, about 40km (25 miles) south-west of the capital Guatemala City, has been spewing rocks, black smoke and ash into the sky.

A flow of lava hit the village of El Rodeo, killing people inside houses. The main airport in Guatemala City has been closed.

Volcanos: doing the jobs Border Patrol agents won’t do.

President Jimmy Morales has declared three days of national mourning.

In a statement issued late on Sunday, he spoke of the nation’s “deep pain” caused by the “irreparable losses” in human lives.

Sergio Cabañas, head of the country’s National Disaster Management Agency (Conred), told a local radio station that a lava stream had changed course towards El Rodeo.

“Unfortunately El Rodeo was buried and we haven’t been able to reach the La Libertad village because of the lava and maybe there are people that died there too.”

Although it is great these people are dying, the downside is that while they had been claiming refuge because their accounting jobs weren’t paying enough, they’re now going to be claiming refuge from volcanos.

Perhaps we tell them they can go to Hawaii.

Also Tho

Volcanos erupting everywhere these days though.

I don’t remember this being a thing.

Perhaps… it is all part of a greater omen.

For surely, the earth speaks to us and sends to us signs. For the earth is not a dead rock, but the spirit source of all life.

And the messages she sends to us we would do well to consider thoughtfully.