Guatemala: Migrant Scum Give Up on Evil Plan to Invade America and Suck the Life Out of Us

President Trump didn’t do everything he’d intended to do, but he did stop a whole bunch of this sludge from entering into our once-glorious nation.

Now, they are downhearted, with their evil plans not destined to come to fruition.


More than 2,000 migrants on Saturday dropped their bid to reach the United States after Guatemala threatened to expel them out of concern they might spread Covid-19.

The group, mostly made up of Hondurans who set out last Thursday from San Pedro Sula, asked local authorities to help them return home, the Guatemalan president’s office told news media.

An AFP journalist saw some being loaded into army trucks for the return trip.

But some small groups said they remained determined to reach the US to escape the poverty and violence in their home country.

“My country is shitty. I should go live in a better country, made by evil white people.”

Late Thursday, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei had ordered the Hondurans detained and sent home. However, he urged them to return voluntarily.

“Amid the current health emergency, not only did they fail to respect measures to enter the country but also health measures established to protect our citizens,” he said.

Guatemalan officials said some 3,000 people originally crossed the border without submitting to a Covid-19 test, required for foreigners entering the country. Many were not wearing masks.

Yes, because they’re too stupid and primitive to believe in this hoax.

I’ll bet they don’t believe in the Holocaust either, frankly.

The stupidity displayed on their faces is baffling, frankly.

Giammattei said that “a massive group of Hondurans violently broke in” to the country some 300 kilometers (190 miles) northeast of Guatemala City.

The caravan split up once in Guatemala, with a larger group taking a northern route toward Mexico and the smaller one following a southwesterly route.

– ‘Shattered dreams’ –

Mexico had deployed troops and immigration agents at border points to block the caravan.

“I am just so incredibly frustrated. Because we left home with a goal, which was getting to the United States. And when we see ourselves back home again — our dreams have been shattered,” migrant Blas Escobar told AFP.

“I am so angry because I came here, wasted time and the little money I had,” added Eduardo Rodriguez, who injured his foot falling off a moving pick-up.

Yeah, that sucks for you, but frankly, I wish you would have died. I’m so filled with joy that that tranny migrant died.

The United States isn’t a magical place filled with free money.

People live here.

This is our home.

You’re not welcome here.

We have a communist uprising, we have a virus hoax, we have a lot of other problems. We do not need more brown morons clogging up our social tubes.

We don’t even have welfare for our own people. So we do not have welfare for you parasites.

Just stop coming here.

It was insane to allow these leeches to just waltz on in before the lockdown hoax destroyed the economy. Now it is outer space levels.