Grumpy Old Wealthy Bitch Liz Refuses to Shake Kindly Old Communist Jew Bernie’s Hand After Heated Debate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2020

Elizabeth Warren is a nasty old bitch.

There was a Democrat debate last night (which no one watched, including me), and things got a bit heated between Bernie and Liz.

In particular, he said that he never told her that she couldn’t win because she’s a woman, something that she has apparently agreed happened after the media reported it, effectively calling her a liar.

After the debate, the nasty old bitch Liz refused to shake Bernie’s hand, instead clutching her own hands into an angry ball of hatred.

Shaking hands is a normal human behavior, which is done with people you don’t like, because it is a courtesy not only to the individual whose hand you are shaking but to the entire society. Because people want to live in a courteous society, and a lack of courtesy on the individual level weakens that society.

It is highly abnormal, anti-social behavior, and we don’t need a weird, freak outlier in our government at all, let alone as president. That should be enough of an argument against her, without having to go into all the other stuff.

This handshake refusal alone should be disqualifying.

Especially the refusal to shake the hand of an old man, which is extra anti-social and disrespectful.

The only way I would respect it is if she said “sorry, it’s against the heritage of my tribal council to touch Jews.”

I think people are not going to appreciate this gesture from the bitch, and I don’t think it was something she intended to become a thing – I think, like all women, she is simply incapable of controlling her childlike emotions, and was not considering the optics of this.

Warren has tried to brand herself as “Hillary Clinton with slightly less baggage and slightly more communism.”

But in reality, she is in fact an even nastier bitch than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton shook hands with the evil orange Hitler man.

This Liz hand refusal is all over Twitter, and I think it has revealed to even the densest of Democrats that she is a grumpy old grinch, and that they should support Bernie instead.

Liz was already sinking in the polls.

Sanders and Biden are tied in Iowa, and Sanders is about to get all of Warren’s support.

The only possible way she can save herself at this point is to come out and say “the only time I touch a kike’s hand is when I’m dragging him out of a gas chamber,” and grab that coveted Alt-Right vote.

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