Groyper War: North Carolina was a Learning Experience – Let’s Study What Happened

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2019

The final stop on Charlie Kirk’s “Culture War” tour was at North Carolina State University Wednesday night, and it was a total shitshow.

The Turning Point USA head had clearly been coached in the weeks since OSU, and was ready to push back in a way that was mildly convincing. Much more so than he ever had done before.

I think he still came across looking bad… but we didn’t come across looking great either. In our own defense, we weren’t ready for Kirk to be anything other than totally aloof and irate.

This is not the end of the world, or even a big deal. We’ve already won the Culture War against Charlie Kirk, and this was just gravy. Running up the score in the ninth inning. So don’t worry about it. Take it as a learning experience. We need to be more prepared. People need to be ready to push back against these people, and engage in the back and forth. They need to have their facts ready, and they need to be confident and aggressive.

And of course, it wasn’t all bad. Simply the fact that it was still all our guys asking the questions is a big win.

But we need to study this. This was very different than Tuesday in Florida, where he was trying to seem reasonable. In NC, he went on the warpath, and tried to crush people.

I think a big part was that he knew that the audience in NC is evangelical and maybe also sort of stupid (sorry, I don’t know what else to say – I don’t mean every person there, but I mean…).

I’ve got detailed transcripts.

Let’s take this seriously, and plan things based on this going forward.

1-2.) Why are We Evil Tho?

Tuesday night in Florida, Charlie said we are all evil for wanting to put America First. He was asked about this. And it turned into this bizarre call for a denouncement of ostensibly evil people, like some kind of communist thing.

This whole part was surreal. I don’t even know what to say.

Groyper 1: Last night, the University of Florida chapter of Turning Point USA released a statement following your appearance that called America First attendees “evil.” I’m a loyal husband, a father of two children, a Christian, and I’m a hard-working America First conservative. Do you think that I am evil? Do you think that the thousands of young Americans who support Nick Fuentes are evil?

Kirk: That statement was not about that, the statement was about a group named Identity Evropa, are you familiar with this group? As a follow up, are you familiar with that group?

Groyper 1: That wasn’t my question.

Kirk: Are you familiar with that group?

Groyper 1: Are you going to answer my question?

Kirk: I’m asking a yes or no question. So, you are not familiar with them? Let me tell you what Identity Evropa is. Identity Evropa is a neo-Nazi, white nationalist organization that has come to our events in the past. Their goal is to take over the United States government under the ideas of white supremacy. Now, to answer your question. If you are here under America First policies and making America great again, you are not evil. However, there are people who have come to our events, such as Patrick Casey, who run Identity Evropa’s American Identity Movement, that advocate for the neo-Nazi takeover of our government. Do you denounce Identity Evropa?

Groyper 1: The question was –

Kirk: Do you denounce Identity Evropa?

Groyper 1: Is Nick Fuentes evil? You did not answer.

Kirk: Neither of those individuals are evil.

Groyper 1: Thank you!

Kirk: Do you denounce Identity Evropa?

Groyper 1: America First!

(The crowd starts to chant America First)

Kirk: Do you denounce Identity Evropa? I’m gonna take your silence as consent that you do not denounce an organization that has been widely accepted – I have one question sir, why you won’t denounce Identity Evropa, that planned the Charlottesville rally? Why are you failing to denounce this organization? All you have to say is ‘I denounce it.’

Groyper: I have no idea who that is.

Kirk: I just described it.

Groyper 1: You didn’t answer my question.

Kirk: I actually just did. I just described Identity Evropa. Does anyone support Identity Evropa here? Does anyone support?

(Someone says they support it)

Kirk: Okay, you support Identity Evropa, come to the front of the line, I’d like to talk to you. If you support Identity Evropa, I’d like to talk to you. Alright, so tell me why you support Identity Evropa.

Groyper 2: Because they do great things and they support white people.

Kirk: Okay, so-

Groyper 2: Nobody else speaks up for us and supports us.

Kirk: What great things? Like planning Charlottesville?

Groyper 2: They didn’t plan that.

Kirk: Okay, who did?

Groyper 2: I can’t remember his name, he is actually irrelevant now, but no, Identity Evropa didn’t plan the event. They had people that attended it, sure, but they didn’t plan it.

Kirk: Identity Evropa is a widely recognized white supremacist organization.

Groyper 2: By who? The ADL? The SPLC?

Kirk: Allow me to ask the question, can I ask a question for you? Are you worried that America is becoming less white?

Groyper 2: Yes.

Kirk: Why?

Groyper 2: Cause I don’t wanna be a minority in my own country.

(People cheer for the groyper)

Kirk: What does it mean to be an American? Is it an idea, or a history, a shared history, or is it a skin color?

Groyper 2: Well, I mean, you could go back to the original Founding Fathers, the Immigration Act of I believe it was-

Kirk: What does it mean to be an American, is it a skin color or something else?

Groyper 2: So there is the idea of what it means according to the Hart-Cellar immigration act and all this bullshit you guys spew, but if you go back to the original Founding Fathers, they intended this to be a European nation for white men of good stock.

Kirk: So, can you show me where in the United States Constitution it says that?

Groyper 2: It wasn’t in the Constitution.

Kirk: It wasn’t in the Constitution cause they didn’t believe it!

(The crowd cheers)

Kirk: Let me ask you another question, what does the phrase “E pluribus unum” mean?

Groyper 2: Why is that relevant?

Kirk: Because it was on every founding document and Presidential Seal since our founding. You sir, and your ideology is not conservative, it’s identitarian and it has no place in the conservative movement my friend.

(The crowd cheers)

(Kirk starts a USA chant, the crowd follows him on it)

Kirk: Does anyone else support Identity Evropa? No? Okay, we got that over with.

That is all just bullshit, of course.

But he pulled it off, for the first time.

Groyper #2 had obviously skimmed my thing I posted on Tuesday, but didn’t remember the dates, or the fact that the First Congress passed the Naturalization Act of 1790, and that it was signed by George Washington. And it said “white people of good character,” not “of good stock.” It would have been easy for him to sit down and spend ten minutes memorizing all of that. But he didn’t do it. Because he thought Charlie Kirk would be an idiot, like he had been.

Charlie Kirk is a LIAR. The Founding Fathers ABSOLUTELY AND INCONTROVERTIBLY believed that the United States was by and for WHITE PEOPLE EXCLUSIVELY. I mean, they owned slaves. These were not Charlie Kirk style anal sex and Israel First libertarian weirdos. They were normal European Christians.

Also, he did say that Nick Fuentes was evil, and then he brought up Patrick Casey to denounce him as evil and try to force the audience to do the same in that bizarre Soviet-style ritual. I don’t know why he said he didn’t say that, it was weird.

So: Let’s learn this. These people are pushing back, we need our ducks in a row. It isn’t hard to do these ducks.

3.) Why Aren’t We Allowed to Talk About White People?

This was a simple thing where it was asked why we can’t say “White People.”

Kirk turned it into some psychotic thing.

Groyper 3: Mr. Kirk, during your speech you mentioned that Trump’s economic policy has benefited and resulted in the lowest black unemployment, lowest Hispanic unemployment. My question is, considering that the Republican Party are 90% white, why have you not addressed white unemployment as a way to shore the voter base so that Trump can win in 2020 in states like Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and hopefully Minnesota?

Kirk: Okay, so let me ask you a question, so your premise is that Donald Trump’s base is white. Is that correct?

Groyper 3: Yes, 90% of the republican voters are white.

Kirk: Okay, then let me ask you a question, why is it that three out of five of the whitest states in America voted for Hillary Clinton? New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. So the whitest states are not voting for Donald Trump so maybe you should get your facts straight first. Out of the five whitest states: Montana, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, New Hampshire, guess what the other two states did, in 2018. They reelected democrat senators. So your premise is that Donald Trump’s base is white. So let me ask you a question. Do you think that white voters have a predisposition for voting for republican or conservative candidates?

Groyper 3: Yes.

Kirk: Then why are the whitest states voting democrat then?

Groyper 3: Cause Hillary Clinton did not address the questions of the white working class.

Kirk: But they voted for her. Your point is literally falling off in front of your face. Because the whitest states in America didn’t even vote for Donald Trump, and they elected democrats in 2018. I don’t believe demographics are destiny, I believe any individual can believe anything, and I’m not a cynic that all of a sudden thinks that well, we have to now just say that we have to go through the whitest- I mean, wait a second, your own point doesn’t even make sense! (shouting) Cause the whitest states are voting democrat, so until you have a response to that your point does not make a lot of sense, I’ll allow you to finish your point.

Groyper 3: My point is, when you are addressing unemployment numbers, why are we not even mentioned? Our votes matter. Are we not being acknowledged as a voting bloc?

Kirk: Well what is the white unemployment rate?

Groyper 3: The white unemployment rate is 3.1%, but you have not addressed that and I wish you would because it would be a great way to shore American working class voters who happen to be white. If you want to take Minnesota, that’s a vote you need to grab and you will win that state. All I am asking for is the acknowledgement that we are not bad people.

Kirk: Bad people? I have never said anything of the sort. So, I do have a question though, you believe that white people are more likely to vote republican? That’s your basic premise, as you would say.

Groyper 3: If you acknowledge that they are a contributing factor yes they will, cause they have a a party that acknowledge that their vote matters.

Kirk: I am gonna repeat my question though, why is it that these states keep voting for democrats then? States that Donald Trump heavily campaigned in. But you say that white people are more likely to vote for republican, and you can’t have it both ways. So if your argument made any sense whatsoever all these states would have voted for Donald Trump. When in reality maybe individuals that vote different, white, black, Hispanic, Indian, can all think different things at different times and we should talk about values and ideas and culture, not this obsession of skin color. Thank you very much for coming.

This is all just retarded.

Those states that are white and vote Democrat do so because they are white and have the luxury to virtue signal, or promote socialism, because they don’t have to deal with the fallout of the invasion. That’s an easy return on that attack.

Just like “Sweden is being flooded with immigrants” is a return on his stupid attack about how people only want to migrate to capitalist countries.

(And in fact, most of them come to America for our socialist – not our capitalist – policies. They almost all live on welfare, as we know. Social services are elements of socialism.)

Maine and Vermont are also wealthy, meaning they can afford socialism. They can afford to not think about the opioid crisis. They live in a happy little bubble that we in the Midwest haven’t experienced since the 1980s.

Everything that Charlie Kirk said at this event was Jewish lies. It all came from Shapiro, I can guarantee you.

4.) Do We HAVE TO Get Fucked Up the Ass by Men, Charlie?

Here’s the gay question again.

Charlie says that if you don’t support man-on-man anal, you’re not a real conservative. Literally that.

We should have known it would come to this, because they told us if we didn’t support anti-racism we couldn’t be conservatives.

Groyper 4: Hey, Mr. Kirk, thanks for coming here tonight, I have a question for you real quick. Up until five years ago, when gay marriage was legalized nationwide, the conservative movement had been explicitly pro-traditional family. Now, both you and your organization advocate for the acceptance of anti-Christian, immoral lifestyles, like homosexuality and transexuality, going and inviting drag queens like Lady MAGA to your events. It seems to me and anyone who is paying attention that conservatives believe whatever liberals believed five years ago. Right now there is a push from the left to normalize pedophilia by way of child drag queen shows and- (has some kind of problem with his notes)

Kirk: Go back to your notes, it’s probably where you saved it. You have to like, push, double tap, and then open.

Groyper 4: Right now, there is a push from the left to normalize pedophilia by way of child drag queen shows and rebranding pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons.” Five years from now, will you be promoting child drag queen shows? Will child abuse become part of the conservative platform?

Kirk: Boy that’s a slippery slope fallacy if I’ve ever seen one. First of all, I’ve never invited a drag queen to come to any TPUSA event. That was at Politicon, and an individual by the name of Lady MAGA came up and I took a picture with her and she walked away. First of all, let me ask you a question. Are you a Trump supporter?

Groyper 4: Yes sir!

Kirk: So you are a PROUD Trump supporter?

Groyper 4: Of course!

Kirk: So you are sickened that he had a gay man speak in his convention?

Groyper 4: Yes!

Kirk: Then you are not a Trump supporter my friend!

(The crowd is divided between cheers and boos)

Kirk: Let me ask you another question. Let me ask you another question. Should we return the money of Peter Thiel, an openly gay man who supports this campaign?

Groyper 4: No, if that helps him strategically…

Kirk: Okay, should he stop talking to Tammy Bruce, who is an open lesbian who is a Fox News contributor?

Groyper 4: If it’s affecting his ideas probably, yeah.

Kirk: Okay, so, you say you are a Trump supporter, but in all these issues you have disagreements with him. Let me be very clear about my position. My personal position. I’m a Christian first and foremost, then an American, and a constitutionalist, and a conservative, in that order. I believe marriage, biblically, if we want to have a biblical and theological discussion, as articulated in the greatest book ever to exist in the history of the world, the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible says one man, one woman. I also do not believe in this sort of rhetoric that some people engage in that all of a sudden they say that there is no place for gay people in the conservative movement. I don’t believe that, and let me ask you a question.

Someone in the audience: What do you conserve?

Kirk: The American family, liberty, freedom, the Constitution, our history, veterans, that’s what we are conserving. I’ll get to you later. So let me ask you a question (to Groyper 4), if you had your way, what would you do with gay people in America? Cause they are not allowed in the conservative movement, so would you just kick them out every time they show up at a republican party? If you were in charge, what would you say? “You can’t be part of the Republican Party”?

Groyper 4: If someone is advocating for being openly homosexual, then yeah they shouldn’t be part of the conservative movement.

(Some people clap, but boos are what’s most audible)

Kirk: So then, Guy Benson, no place in the conservative movement. Dave Rubin, no place in the conservative movement. Peter Thiel, no place in the conservative movement. So just to go down the list.

Groyper 4: If they are openly supporting being openly homosexual then-

Kirk: I will ask you a very respectful question, as respectfully as I can. What does what they do in their life concern you so much that you have to go off in front of a crowd and-

Groyper 4: It is against God! Are you a Christian or not?

Kirk: Do we live in Theocracy? Yes or no? Do we live in a Theocracy?

Groyper 4: You say you are a Christian.

Kirk: I am a Christian, and you know what, and guess what, I’ll say this. Part of being a Christian is appropriately interpreting what the theological says for the individual. But also means to be long suffering and patient, and loving, and kind. Jesus Christ talked to all people. Jesus Christ talked to all people, Jesus Christ went into Judea and Sumeria and he talked to tax collectors and he talked to prostitutes. What it means to be a Christian like that is to be open-minded but firm in your beliefs. And if you say there is something inherently wrong with communicating or associating because those people make different decisions than you, then you sir, are not a conservative. Thanks for being here tonight.

Literally “if you don’t get fucked in the ass, you can’t be a Trump supporter or a conservative or a Christian.”

This is coming from a Never Trumper who said that no conservative could ever support Trump because he’d been divorced twice. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure that fucking another man up his asshole is worse than getting a divorce.

This all could have been pushed back on hard, but the Groyper wasn’t ready.

5.) USS Liberty: But the Survivors Say It was Deliberate Tho, Charlie?

This one was actually the best of show.

I know people are saying “enough with the Liberty,” but he was a vet, and he brought up the survivors. I would have liked to have seen him ask if he would debate one of the survivors.

Groyper 5: Hey Charlie, it seems like everybody is having a great time tonight. As a veteran of the Armed Forces I’d like to-

(The people give him a standing ovation)

Groyper 5: I’d like to ask a question on behalf of forgotten veterans. At a particular event you called the accounts of US servicemen who survived a brutal naval attack as nothing more than a conspiracy theory and lies. 34 Americans died. Do you maintain that the survivors of the USS Liberty were lying when they claimed they were deliberately attacked and murdered by the State of Israel?

(The Groypers cheer)

Kirk: I will say that to believe that Israel did it intentionally, yes, that is a conspiracy theory. Israel apologized for it, they paid restitution for it, it should never happen again and it’s inexcusable.

Groyper 5: Do you believe that it was deliberate or not?

Kirk: Let me ask you a question.

Groyper 5: Yes or no, it’s easy. Yes or no? Was it deliberate or not?

Kirk: I said I do not believe it was deliberate. Let me ask you a question. Why would Israel do that two days before winning the war, when they already had all the enemy forces beaten back? Why would Israel do something like that?

Groyper 5: You want me to put myself in the mind of the Israeli Prime Minister? Is that what you want me to do?

Kirk: Yeah but, what’s your best guess? Why would Israel do that?

Groyper 5: They wanted to cover, ah, I don’t know, they wanted to cover up the fact that is this is a strawman, what I want to know is whether you think they were deliberately attacked or not. The Secretary of the State and the CIA director-

Kirk: I’ve literally answered your question, how many times did I answer? (Some people raise one hand with two fingers up) So I’ve answered as many genders there are, thanks for coming.

Groyper 5: (While leaving the line, shouting loudly) GOOGLE USS LIBERTY!!!

I think he handled that well.

At least better than most people handled this new Chad Kirk.

6.) But Why are You Replacing the Electorate?

Basically, Charlie is no longer even claiming to support mass immigration.

He’s completely backed off that and now just says he doesn’t want it.

He apologized for the green card stapling last night, but he isn’t even acknowledging that three weeks ago he was talking about flooding us with millions of people every year.

Groyper 6: Thank you for being here. First I’d like to say I’m not a Evropa weenie, I think wignat shit is cringe, I’m not about that. But let’s talk about culture and-

Kirk: Thanks for acknowledging that.

Groyper 6: Well, yeah, it is. Let’s talk about culture and values and let’s leave race entirely out of this. So North Carolina had to deal with something after the Civil War called carpetbaggers, right? They were planted down here in order to disenfranchise native voters so that their opinions came secondary even in their own homelands. Why is it that TPUSA fails to address this as a political tactic being used on an international scale? We saw Virginia turn blue, we are seeing Florida turn blue, and even with the Raise Act by Senator –

Kirk: Which I do support.

Groyper 6: And which is good, but –

Kirk: Good! Thank you, we agree on that.

Groyper 6: But it will only keep North Carolina from turning blue by 2030 instead of 2028. It only reduces it by 50% in a state where we are getting beaten on the agricultural industry, and here in Research Triangle Park you said you want high skill and low skill immigrants, both of whom are coming and displacing our culture and outvoting us in the same way that it has been done to us as a political tactic that’s been in use for the last two hundred years. It’s not a question of emotional apathy or whether we hate somebody else, it’s something that’s been used as a tactic, and when will we address it as a tactic?

Kirk: Okay, let me say this. We agree on the raise act, we agree on defunding sanctuary cities, making English the official language of the United States, ending the Visa lottery, ending chain migration, and of course building the wall, the wall is very important. And so, look, the NY Times and the Washington Post has said that mass immigration contributed to Virginia turning blue, and look, the other point that I will say about this is that you are more cynical than I am. I am skeptical, not a cynic. So I will say this: The Republican Party has done a bad job reaching to communities that sometimes have not traditionally supported conservative beliefs and values, like the black community. I have to say that I love the black community, we have with us the great Candace Owens tonight. And I think that where you and I can find agreement is in that the black community has been ignored for far too long. Because if we are talking about putting America first, boy that means focusing more on the black community than people that are illegally entering and crossing into our country. Thank you for being here tonight.

The RAISE Act itself needs to be attacked.

And this whole thing of “you don’t support Trump if you don’t support all this shit he’s doing to you” needs to be opposed.

That is very easy: just say that you voted for a president who presented a platform and he hasn’t enacted the promised platform, instead doing weird different shit. Say you still support him as a person, but in terms of policy, you want to see the 2016 platform enacted, not this other weird stuff.


He did the Identity YEVroupa thing again.

(Seriously though, why did they spell it with a v? nb4 “Roman alphabet.”)

Groyper 7: Hey Charlie. Okay so, I think one of the best ways to sum up why Donald Trump is such a hero to all of us Americans is a speech where he said “from this day forward it’s going to be America first.” And he followed up by saying “the American people will come first.” People, not ideas, Charlie. So, what we’ve seen as response to that rhetoric from Trump was people slurring and defaming him as a white supremacist, a racist, a xenophobe, anti-Semitic, and it even a misogynist. So, these are all words that are used to deplatform and de-person people in this current age. Words that you used, you called some of the supporters of America First yesterday evil, and white identitarians.

Kirk: No, I clarified that, that’s white identitarianism and it has no place in our country. So let’s me make this completely clear. Do you denounce Identity Evropa?

Groyper 7: I don’t really know what they are for.

Kirk: Neo-Nazism and taking over the US government. Well let me ask you a question, do you support a white ethnostate?

Groyper 7: No.

Kirk: Okay, fine, then keep asking your question.

Groyper 7: Why do you keep on strawmanning and dodging our questions, and why don’t you engage with America First ideas as someone who supports free speech and debate Nicholas J. Fuentes.

Kirk: I have a question for you. Doesn’t the fact that I’ve given you the mic show my commitment to free speech? So… everyone can ask any question that they want and thanks for being here tonight, I appreciate it.

Just bringing up Nick Fuentes all the time is always a good strategy.

“Nick Fuentes” would be a good chant, too. It’s three syllables.

8.) Let Me Ask You About the Jews, Okay?

This was the worst disaster of the night.

Nothing against the lad.

We’re learning here.

But yeah, not great.

Groyper 8: Hello Charlie, I come from the state of Virginia. And as you know, states like Texas and Florida, and California already, are turning more democratic and there may not be another republican elected in the fifty to one hundred years in any major election, so my question to you is why should we as traditional campus conservatives vote for someone like you who we think is-

Kirk: I’m not running for anything, I want to make it clear. I’m 26 years old and I’m on campuses talking about freedom and organizing groups on 1,400 campuses, so you don’t have to vote for me.

Groyper 8: Okay, it’s not really about the voting, it’s more about the way this organization is leading conservatives to the poll to vote for certain people. So my question is, why should we have faith in a conservative like you who we see as leaning more and more liberal and who is espousing liberal ideas about immigration and, you know, giving money to Israel, and taking a lot of money from billionaires like the CEO of Home Depot? Why shouldn’t we align ourselves with more traditional, America First conservative nationalists like Nicholas J. Fuentes?

Kirk: Okay, so, let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question. What is your problem with Israel, I’m just wondering.

Groyper 8: My problem with Israel is the fact that they are not a very reliable ally.

Kirk: So, could you elaborate on that?

Groyper 8: You have cases like, they have their Samson Option, which would destroy any, any attacking forces if they were going to be destroyed, they would completely obliterate them with their nuclear arms which we know that they have. We have the Lavon Affair, we have the Dancing Israelis, we have the USS Liberty incident, and these are all things that show that they are not a reliable ally.

Kirk: Okay, so, specifically, what’s your problem with some of those things? What bothers you about, like, is there a deeper problem with Israel that you have?

Groyper 8: No, I’m not against the Jewish people, I’m not against people who are-

Kirk: No, you are just against the country that has half of the Jewish people.

Groyper 8: No, I’m against the government of Israel, not the people of Israel.

Kirk: So, let me just be perfectly clear, you are against the only democracy in the Middle East, is that right? Okay, so you are against democracy.

Groyper 8: Our policy is America First, not Israel First.

Kirk: You wanna know why Israel has been a good partner in the Middle East? Cause they go kill jihadists overseas, in the Middle East. Israel offers humanitarian aid to America and our allies. Israel has technology transfer agreements with the United States of America. Israel has trade agreements for medical device sharing, for patent sharing. So I’m just trying to understand, do you come with the same sort of condemnation to other countries in the Middle East, or why is your focus in particular on Israel?

Groyper 8: We do not support, and I don’t think we should support a lot of the Arabic countries that we do in the Middle East along with Israel.

Kirk: Okay, so we agree on that.

Groyper 8: Yes, I do, and we do, and I don’t think, I think that Israel should be a part of that because yeah they kill jihadists but they also kill their own people and commit terrorist acts in their own country.

Kirk: Do you believe Israel commits terrorist attacks?

Groyper 8: Yes.

Kirk: Israel is the VICTIM of daily terrorist attacks against [sic] radical Muslim terrorists all across the Middle East [this whole sentence is a big sic, he got all confused]. So this is the other question I have, what can you name specifically, one liberal position you think I have.

Groyper 8: Your policy on giving money to Israel.

Kirk: What’s my policy on giving money to Israel? First of all, that’s not a liberal position, okay? Do we stand with Israel in this room or do we stand this Israel? [sic]

(The audience cheers, and the Groypers boo)

Kirk: Okay, so let me ask you a question. Are you a Trump supporter?

Groyper 8: I would say so, yes.

Kirk: Okay, so, do you condemn publicly Donald Trump standing with Israel?

Groyper 8: Yes, I do.

Kirk: So, so why you think Donald Trump supports Israel?

Groyper 8: Well I was gonna answer-

Kirk: Why you think Donald Trump supports Israel? I’m very curious. Why do you think he moved the embassy, why do you think he recognized the Golan Heights? Why do you think he cut funding to the Palestinian Authority? Why do you think Trump does that?

Groyper 8: I don’t know, I’m not in Trump’s head.

Kirk: So that’s the one thing you disagree with Trump on?

Groyper 8: I disagree with him on a multitude of things because he is not being honest with his voters.

Kirk: I thought you said you are a Trump supporter.

Groyper 8: I am a Trump supporter on most of his views but there are things I disagree with him on, yes, and I think that-

Kirk: Okay, what do you support that he’s done?

Groyper 8: I actually want to answer to something you answered a second ago, when you asked me in what you have a liberal standing on. Which I think I haven’t answered in full. Cause you asked and I said your support for Israel. I wanna add another thing. It’s the fact that yesterday when you were talking about uhm, I forgot the name of the specific legislation where, when if someone someone who donates, who is a foreign citizen, if they were to give and invest money into America that we would give them residency in America. You said that you condemn that now but why should we support you and not someone like Nicholas J. Fuentes?

Kirk: So you say you are a Trump supporter. Let me ask you a question about your support, so. Has Donald Trump ever changed his position on anything?

Groyper 8: Yes.

Kirk: Okay so is it okay for human beings to say that I used to believe one thing and that I now believe another thing?

Groyper 8: It’s an issue when you are believing things that are very liberal and not conservative.

Kirk: So, again, you haven’t cited one liberal thing. I wanna tell you something. I went to Berkeley with armed security cause I went there with a Build the Wall t-shirt. I went down to the wall, personally, with armed security and did an entire documentary about the child trafficking, drugs pouring into our country, the guns coming into our country. I have been an advocate at the march for life in Chicago and other places for a long time. I’m a conservative through and through and if you cherrypick a singular provision in the immigration code that I’ve now rightfully corrected. Which many people in politics won’t do, by the way. I say something, I say, you know what? I’ve read up more on it, I’ve gotten more informed and now I have a new position. I wish more people were that open-minded in the public space. In the public sphere.

You have to be prepared when he says “why are you against Israel?”

You can’t start going into Samson Option and Lavon Affair stuff. You need simple, direct, easy to understand answers.

I’m not going to say what I think those should be right now. I need to think about all of this, and get some outside input. Off the top of my head, AIPAC lobbying for us to invade Syria seems like a simple retort, which no one can argue with, but there are others.

Okay, So…


Not the end of the world.

It was a mess, but it was our mess. We didn’t gain any ground here, but we held our ground.

And Kirk is already doomed anyway. This wasn’t a good enough performance to save him.

We took over the media narrative, we’ve invaded everything, we are rising.

NC was a great learning experience.

All my love and support to the guys who went there – I’m not hating on any of you. None of you are stupid. You just weren’t ready for this new program Kirk employed.

Next time, we’re going to be ready.