Groyper War: Michelle Malkin Goes All in for the Groyp

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2019

Michelle Malkin is going all in on our struggle.

And just so you understand: there is zero chance that she hasn’t been fully briefed on the whole “anti-Semitism” aspect of things. Obviously, 2/3rds of our questions are about Israel. The other 1/3rd is about immigration and homosexuals. Everyone can see this. We are not hiding anything.

But mainstream people are getting on board, because we’re where the action is, we’ve got the momentum, we’ve got God on our side.

Malkin has been a mainstream conservative figure all over Fox News for like, nearly 3 decades.

She’s tweeting in support of Groyper War.

She is going on shows in support of Groyper War.

This is a big win.

The entirety of Washington is discussing this Groyper War and the pundit class is trying to figure out what they’re going to do.

The sweating bag of sleaze juice and “raper of memes,” Paul Joseph Watson, can come out with “oh well, I love the Jews and Israel, but free speech and immigration tho.”

But most of these people do not have that option. All their money is Jewish money.

But they also know:

Someone is going to get big off of this. And a lot of people are going to go down in flames with the conservative, inc. ship. Their careers will be destroyed as they try to go up there and shill for foreign interests and just get shouted down, mocked and humiliated.ย 

We are going to make it basically impossible for anyone to publicly shill for Israel, for mass legal immigration, for homosexuality, anywhere within the mainstream conservative movement. The only people who will still be willing to eat this maggot burger will be the boomers, and they are dying off.

The immigration angle is the easiest vector to enter into the America First movement, without directly signaling against the Jews, and that is what Malkin and Watson are doing.

Others will follow, as most try to circle the wagons and hold down the fort by pushing for censorship.

It’s exciting times, lads.

Anyway, as a 30-year-old boomer, I nominate this as the official song of Groyper War: Episode I: The Groyper War:

In a totally metaphorical way, I think we can totally relate to these lyrics in the way we feel towards these shills and the way we’re rising up on them:

My heart bleeds for you, nigga, I can’t wait to get to you
Behind that twinkle in ya eyes I can see the bitch in you
Nigga, you know the streets talk
So they’ll be no white flags and no peace talks
I got my back against the wind, I’m down to ride ’till the sun burn out
If I die today I’m happy how my life turned out
See the shootouts that I’ve been in I’m by myself
Locked up I was in a box by myself
I done made myself a millionaire by myself
Now shit changed, motherfucker, I can hire some help
I done heard about the 50 grand you put in the hood
But ya shooter fin’nin to get shot, it won’t do him no good
With a pistol I define the definition of pain
If you survive ya bones’ll still fucking hurt when it rain
Oh, you a pro at playing battleship? Well, this ain’t the same
Little homie this is a whole different type of war game
See the losers end up in shackles and motherfucking chains
Or laid out in the streets leaking out they brains

If there’s beef cock it and dump it
The drama really means nothing to me
I’ll ride by and blow ya brains out
There’s no time to cock it, no way you can stop it
When niggas run up on you with them thangs out
I do what I gotta do, I don’t care I if get caught
The DA can play this motherfucking tape in court
I’ll kill you
I ain’t playing, hear what I’m saying, homie, I ain’t playing
Catch you slipping I’mma kill you
I ain’t playing, hear what I’m saying, homie I ain’t playing


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