Groyper War: Michelle Malkin Gives Speech Defending Nick Fuentes!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

Michelle Malkin, who has been a popular conservative pundit for 30 years and in the 00s was on Fox News nearly every single day, is the first mainstream figure to come out in open support of Groypers, America First and Nick Fuentes.

Speaking at a Young Americans for Freedom event at Lock Haven University, she railed against the fake conservative movement, and directly attacked Ben Shapiro by name – and defended Our Young Hero by name.

She said:

My old friend, fellow YAF speaker Ben Shapiro, addressed this growing civil war at Stanford last week – mostly by targeting one of the New Right leaders, a young man named Nick Fuentes and his followers. I can’t even tell you the language with which he addressed them. You can Google it. This is not the way to fight the identity politics left and to win the culture war, let alone defend our country from that focused, disciplined, well-funded open borders infrastructure.

My humble suggestion is that we conservatives – we nationalist conservatives – address the questions that these young people have. Not by shutting them down on campuses, not by denigrating them, but by actually addressing their questions. Let’s look at the numbers.

Here’s the full speech (it’s a crime the video quality is so low).

Here’s what she said about the speech:

That is of course exactly what the virulent Israeli spy Ben Shapiro claimed about our leader Nick Fuentes – that he has a dark and evil Cookie Monster style agenda. That he is a fake Trump supporter and a fake Christian – things that Ben, as a Never Trumper and a Jew blasphemer of Christ, is in a hard place to be the judge of – who has a secret dark agenda to… delouse the Jews in fake shower rooms. Or whatever.

Michelle Malkin is no longer in her prime. She is no longer a main speaker on Fox News. However, boomers certainly remember her. She was basically the only nonwhite on Fox News back at that time. This is before the whole “let’s bring the coloreds in” movement, when it was implicitly understood that conservatism meant “white Christian” and any nonwhites involved were not “colorblind individual units,” but nonwhites who supported and wanted to be involved in propagating white Christian civilization. So she was memorable.

Her Twitter has been great.

She’s a very good first mainstream ally. And she is saying the exact right thing: don’t shut down our boys, let them ask their questions, engage their questions and answer their questions.

That’s all we want.

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