Groyper War: Dan Crenshaw in Arizona Tomorrow, Don Jr. in LA on Sunday

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

We’ve been hyping up Dan Crenshaw’s Friday Arizona State event a lot, and this is a very important event.

But we also need a ton of guys at University of California Los Angeles on Sunday, when Donald Trump Jr. will be appearing with Charlie Kirk for another “eat this, goyim” event.

(Tickets here.)

Being able to directly confront the son of the president on the fact that he is aligned with an organization which more or less stands for the exact opposite of what his father ran on is an amazing opportunity.

At that event, we need to focus on the fact that Don Jr. is betraying his father by promoting the pro-immigration and anti-Christian agenda of Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA.

First Things First: Film All of This

We do not know if there is going to be an official stream for either of these events. Crenshaw clearly had the official recordings shut down for his Texas events earlier this week, and unfortunately there was not any especially good footage.

Everyone needs to have their phones out filming this, streaming it on whatever platform you can. I do not think Twitter/Periscope is the best, but if that’s all you can do, do that. Recording it and then uploading it is good too. Obviously, if you’re recording, you only need to record the Q&A – whatever bullshit they say before that doesn’t matter.

They won’t likely let you carry a camera in there, but if you have one of the newer Samsungs (or the iPhone 11), try to sit up as close as possible and get a good recording of all the questions.

You can even record while you are in line or while you are asking the question.

If asked, tell Crenshaw that you know he’s trying to keep footage off the internet, and you just want to have a record of his answers, because the public deserves a right to confront him on these issues.

Keep the Damn Mic

Don’t give up the mic without a fight.

We saw in Texas that as soon as someone started to ask about the USS Liberty, he was denied the mic.

Don’t let them do this.

These people are being aggressive with us. Dan Crenshaw now treats Christians who come to question him on his allegiance to Israel as enemy combatants. We’re all Palestinians to him.

If they’re being aggressive, it’s time for us to get aggressive. Not physically aggressive, of course, but be verbally assertive and say “no, I will ask my question.”

It doesn’t matter if you get dragged out. You’re not going to get arrested as long as you don’t get physical. So don’t worry about that.

You also can’t get in trouble for asking good optics questions. Don’t use slurs – don’t even say “Jew” – and keep focused on the core issues: Israel, Immigration & Anal.

Show Support to Your Brothers

Whenever our lads are up asking questions, we need to cheer them. Be vocal in this.

In fact, be vocal the whole way through. When any of these people mention Israel, gays, immigration – boo.

If they kick you out, they kick you out – it doesn’t really matter.

If they have a situation where they’re having to drag out right-wingers who are asking about their support for anal sex, their allegiance to a foreign country, their support for mass immigration – this is a bad look for them. Very bad look.

You should yell while being dragged out as well. Some phrases:


Things along those lines.

Remember that in Texas, Dan Crenshaw was having people with crucifixes pulled out of the question line. So this is very much an anti-Christ agenda, and we need to make that clear to the people.

I don’t know what kind of bad data TPUSA is operating with, but there are only two real reasons that anyone is going to be involved with a Young Republicans or Campus Conservatives group:

  • They were raised Christian and want to support Christian values
  • They’re from the internet

Neither of those groups support gay anal sex and they are both going to be very sympathetic to Christians, and feel very negative toward people who are targeting Christians to be silenced and punished for their faith.

Potential for Glow in the Darks

There are stories going around from credible sources that TPUSA is going to start using plants to try to defame us.

The typical fed-controlled neo-Nazi costume groups – you all know who they are – are all talking about our American Nationalist events on Twitter, and trying to co-opt it for their own “fednat” agenda. I think that it is very likely that the surprise Charlie Kirk has in his pocket is to bring in people from these fed groups to smear us with their repulsive perversity.

If there are fat weirdos there, don’t talk to them. And call them out. Call them feds, call them plants. Vocally.

They will almost certainly be fat, dirty looking people. Probably with visible tattoos. You know what they look like.

They will start talking about the Holocaust, or start screaming “Jews” or some other bad optics move. If someone is doing that, don’t let yourself be confused: they are not on your side. They are on the side of Charlie Kirk, and they are there to make our good lads look bad.


I’m just going to throw some stuff out there as far as potential questions, just in case people don’t have one prepared.

We don’t know how it’s going to go at these events. They may try to only allow people with IDs to ask questions, they may try to shut down questions completely.

But everyone needs to go with at least one question ready, everyone needs to get in line.

Dan Crenshaw Questions

Question 1

Thank you for your service. You and Charlie Kirk have both expressed strong support for man-on-man anal sex, and Turning Point USA is a big supporter of the transsexual agenda. I don’t know if you claim to be a Christian, but obviously, most Christians do not support or accept sodomy or those who promote it. Traditionally, the Republican Party has been the party of Christians, and you people are aggressively trying to run us out of the party by forcing this evil behavior down our throats. How do you expect to maintain a voter base while purposefully alienating Christians?

If Crenshaw (or Kirk) claims to be a Christian, follow up with:

I don’t believe a true Christian can support the act of sodomy.

Question 2

Thank you for your service. At UT Austin, your security goons were dragging people out of the question line for holding crosses. Can you explain to us exactly why you hate Christians so much that you feel they should be entirely silenced within the conservative movement?

Question 3

Thank you for your service. At your event in Austin, Texas earlier this week, you named Nick Fuentes, an America First conservative who is opposed to your Israeli agenda. Most of the people that I talk to agree with Nick, and are opposed to your agenda to put the interests of Israel before those of America. Do you really think you can simply silence everyone who disagrees with your plan? Aren’t you worried that the fact that so many people consider you a traitor will catch up to you?

BONUS: Vet Questions for Crenshaw

If you’re a vet, consider one of these questions.

Introduce yourself as a vet, say where you served, get the cheers from the crowd, and then go from there.

Vet Question 1

Thank you for your service, Congressman Crenshaw. I myself served in [insert information]. Our Southern border is being invaded, and neoconservatives like you sent me to [Iraq/Afghanistan] to fight for Israel. What is wrong with American policy that we allow a foreign government to decide where we deploy our soldiers? How much of this policy is shaped by Washington elites who are more loyal to Israel than America?

Vet Question 2

Thank you for your service, Congressman Crenshaw. I myself served in [insert information]. Dan, I saw you on Joe Rogan saying that we have to fight them over there so they don’t come over here. You are also a supporter of immigration into the US. My question is, why don’t we follow through with Donald Trump’s promise to ban Moslems from this country, and then we won’t need to fight them anywhere? What are we doing with Moslems in America anyway? They don’t belong here.

Vet Question 3

(If you’re a vet, you don’t even have to ask a question. You can just make a declarative statement of outrage.)

Thank you for your service, Congressman Crenshaw. I myself served in [insert information]. When I was deployed in [Iraq/Afghanistan] , I wasn’t fighting for gay rights and anal sex, I was fighting for my historical Christian culture. And it is a gross offense to me and the men I served with, who were good Christian men, for Turning Point USA to be hiding behind the vets while promoting man-on-man anal sex.

If he asks you what your question is, just say:

My question is why are you doing that? This is a Christian country.

And this is a good one:

You says that America is an experimental series of ideas, and that it isn’t a nation of people and land. When me and my company were deployed in Iraq, we were fighting for our American brothers and sisters in order to keep them safe. I have been fighting for the land of the great state of Arizona, and every other beautiful place in this great country. None of us were fighting for an idea, and you disgrace and insult the men who died in all of America’s wars by telling us that our nation is an idea.

Again, if he asks you what the question is, just say:

My question is why are you doing that? This is America, we’re Americans and this is our homeland.

(Obviously, those questions can be modified for non-vets, if needed. But I think “what was I sent to fight?” questions are very good for our vets.)

Donald Trump Jr. Questions

Question 1

Don, your father ran on immigration restriction and Christian values. But you are here today working for Turning Point USA, a group that is promoting mass nonwhite immigration and anal sex between men. Do you feel that you’ve betrayed the people who supported your father? Why or why not?

Question 2

Don, your father said during the campaign that Israel would be forced to pay back all of the money we’ve given them as foreign aid. Yet as president, he signed the biggest aid package to Israel in American history, pledging $38 billion of American taxpayer money. Is there a possible explanation for this total reversal other than corruption, and if so, what is it?

And so on and so forth.

I would also try to humiliate Charlie Kirk in front of Donald Trump Jr. Because we know this is going to get back to the Orange Man himself. So hit Kirk with the same kind of questions we’ve been hitting him with, make him look stupid, get him all flustered.

Begun, The Groyper War Has

We’re going to know more after Friday.

We’ll know even more after Sunday.

Sunday ends phase one of Groyper War.

This is the beginning of something wonderful.

We are going to retake these campuses from the big money Jew shills, and make them into real conservative, real Christian, real America First groups.

All of their Jewish billions cannot slow our momentum.