Groyper War: Dan Crenshaw Defames Groyper General Nick Fuentes at UT Austin, Bans Christians From Asking Questions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2019

UPDATE: Event Survivor’s firsthand account added at the bottom of the page. Everyone wearing a cross was banned from asking a question. 

Full stream. Not really audible.

The Zionist Cyclops Dan Crenshaw appeared at UT Austin, and was completely groyped, but almost none of it is audible.

Because, in a damning indictment of his own agenda, Dan Crenshaw is requesting that none of his events be filmed and streamed on the internet, so that he isn’t caught out getting groyped.

That is their solution: “the goyim can’t know if we shut down the streams.”

So basically, I can’t even really comment on what went on last night with Crenshaw, other than to say he whined like a faggot and banned people for saying “USS Liberty.”

None of this is audible enough for me to type any transcripts. I just did all the transcripts for the Matt Walsh event, and I’m not going to even try it with this. I’ll just post the clips people have highlighted.

Person being led out by security for asking something: 

Asked about burying us in immigrants: 

Has a breakdown saying that Nick Fuentes is the leader of the Groypers and that he denied Cookie Monster’s cookie baking record: 

Part of that was sort of audible, and it was the money shot of the night:

You’re seeing the fringe on the right that we do not associate ourselves with… what was the n-word? Nick Fuentes? Is that the n-word? Nick Fuentes? That’s their leader. That’s these guys’ leader. Nick Fuentes is a Holocaust denier. That is not something we associate with in the conservative movement.

So just understand that these people are doing an absolute gotcha on this “Holocaust denier” thing, and they believe they can just dismiss and condemn you based on that.

Also: yes, you faggot, Nick Fuentes is our leader. And no, we are not a minority. We are the only young Republicans with any energy, and we are taking over. We will defeat you with our superior depth perception.

Guy starts to ask about the USS Liberty and is led away from the mic: 

So, that’s that.

You guys need to get better footage.

Your phone is good to do this, assuming it’s a modern normal phone, but you just need to get closer.

We need this footage.

The questions aren’t worth much if we can’t even hear them on the internet – and nailing Crenshaw is so, so important. This is going to destroy his career before it even starts.

They want this guy to be the next John McCain, they want him to run for president, and we can literally smother his career in the cradle if we can get these questions and get them filmed correctly. And we already have the questions.

Come on people.

Arizona is on Friday.

I want EVERYONE filming it.

Film yourself asking the question even and just come right out and say “I know you haven’t been broadcasting these online, so I just want to make sure I have a record of this.”

It’s fine to do that. It’s good to do that. Because the fact that he is refusing to allow these to be streamed is ABSOLUTELY DAMNING IN ITSELF.

That said, there is a possibility that since the Friday event is Turning Point USA, they may stream it. But we don’t know that and we can’t count on that, so be ready to film. Check on your phone if it’s streaming. And if it isn’t, record everything.

We need to nail this piece of shit to the wall, now.

They are on the back foot.

We are on the verge of literally bringing down a sitting Congressman with the entire force of the Jewish billionaire class behind him.

Let’s do it right.


This is a legitimate account from a survivor of the UT Austin event:

This event was nuts. My estimate is that there was anywhere between 30 to 50+ groypers who attended. We had groups of guys everywhere . Cringeshaw did a ultra gay presentation about muh freedumbs where he blatantly lied about several statistics and it was extremely low energy. Literally every statement this traitor said was a bold faced lie, and everyone was bored out of their minds.

When Q&A time came groypers stacked the line good once again, but the event organizers pulled the same stunt at A&M and demanded student IDs in order to ask a question. Most groypers sat down but there were still many in line. First question right off the bat is about the USS Liberty followed by one about demographic replacement, and then he just cuts the third groyper questioner off as soon as he begins his question. That’s when they activated OYVEYSHUTITDOWN.exe. They started going through the lines and just removed everyone who had a maga hat or rosary, or who was wearing a suit.

Guys started raising hell at this bullshit and were kicked out. We heckled him intermittently throughout the rest of the Q&A and eventually the ZOGbots started just escorting people out if they said anything outloud. Right at the end some fat ginger who was poorly dressed sperged out and yelled some incoherent shit about Netanyahu and got kicked out. I highly suspect this guy was a plant or fed, it was wignat tier stunt and he did not look like a groyper.

Overall this was another learning experience. They are starting to clamp down hard so we need to come up with an effective way to resist and protest this obvious denial of our first amendment rights. We have enough groypers attending these now to where if we are more coordinated we can seriously disrupt the event in an optical manner or at the very least make them kick all 40 of us out at once which will really make them look bad. We also need to dress up like normal college students and blend in more. If we could get fake student IDs that might also be a good idea.

So they were literally pulling out Christians and Trump supporters.

What the absolute heck are we dealing with here?