Groyper War: Battle of OSU: Bloodbath as Groypers Commit Brutal War Crimes Against Charlie Kirk!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2019

It is a brilliant time to be alive, lads.

All of the energy from 2015-16 is coming back around to us, as we are once again at war with the conservative establishment.

We wondered aloud if Charlie Kirk was going to open up questions at the Turning Point USA event at Ohio State University on Tuesday night – and the bastard did. And it was a bloodbath like nothing we’ve seen thus far.

Just absolutely beautiful.

Charlie appeared with a black homosexual last night, Rob Smith, who is a Talking Points USA “Anal Ambassador.” Apparently, they have “black leadership summits.” I’m gonna go ahead and guess that they do not have “white leadership summits.”

On our time we had an army of lads, Patrick Casey and endless questions about Israel.

Here’s the full video.

The entire Q&A is worth watching. It begins at 43:30. (I will try to include Twitter clips at the end of each section for quick viewing and easy sharing.)

1.) ISRAEL FIRST, Charlie?

We started off with a bang! First question out of the gates!

If the president were to enact a policy that would completely benefit the United States and our citizens, but to the detriment of Israel, would you support it, yes or no?

Short and to the point and exactly what we needed here.

Charlie Kirk said:

That’s a false choice.

What does it mean? 

That every single possible decision that can be made benefits both Israel and the United States?

How is that possible, where not every decision that can be made benefits both New York and LA? Or both New York and Boston for that matter?

Charlie didn’t elaborate on the “false choice” concept. Instead, he went on yet another rant about how he “won’t apologize for my defense of our greatest ally in the Middle East” and again vaguely implied that anyone who questions giving all of these billions to a country that has attacked us, spied on us, given us false intelligence to send us to war for them, and which has manipulated our government using foreign spies (neoconservatives) to their own exclusive benefit is an evil anti-Semite.

He then turned to his “gaynigger” and did the whole bit about how Israel is great because everyone there is fucking each other up the ass, and Moslems don’t appreciate that.

The implication is that we for some reason need an ass-fucking base in the Middle East so that American people who are in the region and feel the urge to fuck someone up the ass can go there and do it. Otherwise, I simply do not understand why it is important to American interests that anal sex is a big deal in Israel.

I’m glad Charlie goes to this “Anal Democracy” bit though, because it really highlights the absurdity of his loyalty to this hostile foreign country. Furthermore, I do not actually believe that his polling data is correct on the amount of support sodomy has among young conservatives.


Yeah, he wore the rosary on his hand and waved it at the anal sex and Jew-supporting satanic scam artist. This is a thing now.

Somebody else outside was asking about the term culture war, it’s got a long history, started in the 1800s – Otto Von Bismarck, Kulturkampf – in the late 1990s, it was reclaimed by conservatives, one of those being E. Michael Jones, who actually started this magazine, “Culture Wars Magazine,” and because of his fantastic work, we now understand (applause break) that sexual liberation is political control. And you have, multiple times, advocated on behalf of accepting homosexual acts as normative in the conservative movement – how does anal sex help us win the culture war?

Charlie passed it to his “gaynigger,” who proceeded to spread gross anti-heteroist canard-tropes, and suggested that the Christian man – WHO WAS SHAKING THE ROSARY AT HIM – was secretly a homosexual and that he should go find someone to engage in anal sex with!

Kirk himself also implied he was a secret gay by saying his focus on it was “weird”! Who has the “weird” focus, Charlie? The one saying we should be having anal sex or the one who says we shouldn’t!?

The gay black bastard then claimed that anyone who doesn’t support anal sex “has no place in the conservative movement” because “it’s so behind the times”!

This is what we get from Charlie Kirk and his people! Christians are attacked and condemned as possible homosexuals unless they accept Charlie’s satanic anal agenda – meaning they are not really Christians!


These questions are as important if not more important than the questions about Israel, because these speak to the audience more. And connecting our Christian identity to our issues with Israel and the Christ-killing Jews is very important.

The fact that Kirk is promoting these virulent, leftist, anti-Christian tropes about how all Christians are secretly gay beggars belief.

We absolutely need to keep pushing this.

I encourage all of you going to these events, whether you are Catholic, protestant, other or undecided, to bring a cross with you. Wear one on your neck or wear it on your hand, but have it there and draw strength from Christ to fight against His enemies.



This next guy – great optics, by the way, not everyone needs to wear a suit and tie (though it is important that some do) – just went immediately into it after the last guy, saying:

We don’t want centrists in the conservative movement, we want to maintain our core values, we don’t want drag queens.

He was then interrupted by the gay black bastard, who said it doesn’t matter what he wants, gays are taking over the conservative movement.

He was finally allowed to ask his question:

This is directed towards Charlie Kirk because he was raised as a conservative. As the guy before me said, you’ve advocated for homosexuality, and said there’s a place for the gay agenda within the conservative movement – you’re also comfortable with transgenders and crossdressers, I understand – so my question is, is there any point at which conservatives should take a stance on Christian morality, or should we abandon it all together? So in other words, what is TPUSA’s brand of conservatism doing to actually conserve Christian morality? (Pause for cheers.) If we’re ceding to the left on transgender, gay rights, gay marriage – we don’t want that in conservatism.

Charlie Kirk then pointed to his gay, and said “so you don’t want him in the movement?”

Then the crowd started more aggressively booing and jeering, and he said “let’s calm down… I’m gonna try to rationally understand an irrational position.”

He then says “you don’t even have the courage to address the gay man on stage”!

How does the Bible say to address gay men, Charlie???

Who is the courageous person, Charlie? The person who supports anal sex in 2019 America, or the person who supports CHRISTIAN VALUES?

This is what Charlie Kirk thinks of Christians – that we are an “irrational” obstacle to his total anal conquest!

4.) What About White People, Charlie?

Great optics, great question.

According to the US Census Bureau population projections, in 2045, whites will account for less than 50% of the population in the United States. Given that the Democrat Party’s politics do not point to the maintaining of our ideals, and given that most groups other than whites overwhelmingly vote Democrat, how can we be sure that said ideals will be maintained when millions of immigrants come in with majority Democratic support. Can you prove that our white European ideals will be maintained if the country is no longer made up of white European decedents? [Applause, Charlie notes that he’s not applauding.] If not, should we support mass legal immigration?

Charlie Kirk went full shekels again, and said that the idea was “racist” and that if we let in “a bunch of French and Germans who are all socialist and hate our values” (???) and then trailed off.

He then said – wait for it – “I believe the black community is an inherently conservative community”!


He then said “racist” many more times, before saying “I do not think that America should become a white ethnostate as a country.”

This reminds me of something Scott Greer said:

I think that getting Charlie to denounce the Founding Fathers repeatedly – you could also get him to denounce Lincoln, who said that blacks were lower than whites and should be sent back to Africa.

Thomas Jefferson also supported the death penalty for homosexuals.

If Charlie says that the Constitution is a “timeless document” and “the most important political document in history,” then how can he denounce the views of the people who wrote it as dated or otherwise evil?

5.) Google “Dancing Israelis”

This guy!

Comes in right off the last guy, because EVERY SINGLE QUESTION, CHARLIE.

What a racist question that was! Okay, I got a quick and fun lighthearted question for you Charlie. So I know you gave a speech in Jerusalem earlier this year – were there any awesome, fun dance parties that you had afterwards, because I heard that Israelis are some of the best dancers in the world. I mean, if you guys don’t believe me, just Google “dancing israelis,” it’s insane how good their dance moves are. Would you agree or disagree with that?

Now, this is actually a very sophisticated question. Because it forces Charlie to, on the spot, make a decision as to whether he should acknowledge the fact that he knows about the Mossad agents that were arrested on 9/11 – while dancing and filming the event – or whether he should pretend like he doesn’t know what the questioner means.

You could see it on his face that he did indeed know what happens when you Google “dancing israelis.”

A bunch of other people found out last night too.

Still, the look on the face of the mic girl might have been the best part of the question.

Chad Groyper wins the ladies.

But he simply said they’re our greatest ally, etc., next question.

This was the light, fun question we were promised in the intro.

It made it into the song.

Remember that: this is supposed to be fun.

Also, as a side – the MAGA hat thing was a great last minute idea from Columbia Bugle.

I think we all feel stupid for not thinking of that earlier. How obvious.

6.) How Long Do We Have to Wait for Child Drag Shows, Charlie?

Every. Single. Question.

Given that your interpretation of traditional conservative values stems from 1965 on immigration and 2015 on race, I want to know how long we have to wait until child drag shows are pushed as American traditional conservatism?

This is a kind of rephrasing of the above question, but it is such an obvious thing that it really needs to be hammered home – the conservative movement has given up on every single front. Just from the beginning, they’ve done nothing but give up, repeatedly.

Child drag shows are a thing. TPUSA already supports not only gays but adult trannies – so of course it is only a matter of time before they endorse full pedophilia.

We should avoid asking the exact same questions, but this needs to be pushed home.

This one was fantastic because when the black guy said “gay conservative,” someone shouted “what did you conserve?”

And Charlie lost it and said “he served in the United States military, that’s what he conserved, my friend – he served in the military, while you’re a coward and you go to the front of the line!”

I love the vets and the military and so on, but that isn’t really an answer to the question, is it Charlie?

He conserved what exactly in the military? Democracy in Iraq?

7.) Stapling Green Cards to Diplomas, Charlie?

Next question!

Great optics on this guy – everyone is great optics, but I say it here for this guy because I like the fact it is all different kinds of people asking these questions, but all looking good, behaving professionally, and pressing the issues.

In the wake of the student debt crisis, stagnant wage growth across all fields, liberal arts, STEM, how is regurgitating this far left talking point of stapling green cards to diplomas, “America First”? How is this any different than chain migration, funded by taxpayers, through the EDSF, DoE, DoD?

This is a comment Charlie Kirk made that I wrote an article about. It is a talking point that is literally taken directly from the far left.

Unfortunately, Charlie was able to get away with “well, if we’re going to pay for their education, we should keep them in the country.” Which is basically just a clarification.

The real question is: why are they allowed to take spots in US universities that should be saved by Americans in the first place?

He said he doesn’t want them returning to South Korea to compete with us and someone yelled “they’re competing with us here, dude!” which I liked. Then Charlie started to try to say that they embrace America, blah blah blah, so they’re not really competing with us!

“How can they compete with us if they become us? Gotcha, Nazi!”

8.) N I C K F U E N T E S

You can’t run forever, Charlie.

I saw your debate at Politicon with Kyle Kulinski over the weekend, you said during the debate that the free speech police are telling people that they can no longer say certain things. Yet as you were saying that, you had actual police prevent someone from merely watching the debate [crowd shouts ‘NICK FUENTES!’]. Yeah, Nick Fuentes. There’s no evidence that he was going to be disruptive or break the rules. Nick has some pretty abhorrent views that I strongly disagree with. But you say socialism is the most evil ideology –

Charlie Kirk cut him off, and began Fuentes denialism.

Someone told me that police did something, that wasn’t my event this weekend – I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. I’m getting all these messages that said I kicked somebody out. What do you mean? … Is this the internet troll? I’m confused who you’re talking about.

Kirk successfully heckled the kid, and kept interrupting him after asking him questions, as he pretended not to know what was going on – like he just isn’t Googling his own name and is somehow seeing none of the tweets.

He then started crying about “muh booth infiltration.”

But this was a very bad look, to pretend he didn’t know what was being discussed, then call Fuentes a racist or whatever.

The kid was then able to ask why he doesn’t debate Nick – and Charlie said that he’s been debating a lot of his “bad ideas” tonight.

And you will keep debating these ideas, Charlie. There is no escape.

(Please don’t be too hard on that kid because he slipped up when Charlie started tripping him, he is young and this is hard to do. He did a good job. Everyone is doing a good job. It is about the numbers and making sure it is EVERY SINGLE QUESTION.)

9.) Wow, It’s Patrick Casey!

Patrick Casey, folks!

Head of the American Identity Movement, a friend to patriotism and America!

My name is Patrick Casey, I’m an American Nationalist, an America First patriot. [Applause.] Thanks guys. Despite my ardent support for the president and his policies, I was actually kicked out of CPAC earlier this year. [Charlie injects that he didn’t kick him out.] No no no, I’m not gonna blame you. You’re very defensive here, I get that. As was my good friend, Nicholas J. Fuentes [applause], who I believe you were just discussing. I’m not going to blame you for that, I’ve got a question here.

There is some back and forth here, with Charlie whining about how a troll keeps tweeting about him and Casey defends. The crowd starts yelling for Charlie to debate Fuentes, and he says “I don’t debate trolls.” (Of course he does debate people who are openly pushing for communism in America, which seems more trollish than believing in the Founding Fathers, but okay.)

Patrick finally asks his question:

You do run TPUSA and TPUSA did remove its relationship with Ashley St. Clair – and all she really did was take a picture with Nick Fuentes, she was in the same room, so my question to you, Charlie, is: as someone who purports to be pro debate, free speech and the exchange of ideas, do you support blackballing people based on having controversial opinions or being even in the same room when a photograph is taken with someone who has controversial opinions? And the second part of the question is, if the answer is no, will you debate me on immigration, identity and demographics?

Charlie said that he would not debate him.

Then he went into a whole thing about how he’s not going to change any of his positions, and people should just give up and leave him alone.

Confused as to why he’s doing these events at all then?

Yes. We all are.

Talking Points Israel Backlash

After that brutal bloodbath, people are really, really noticing. And the Talking Points shills are out in force, making the claim that this was all a bunch of “white trolls” – or whatever.

I guess they could call us “deplorables,” maybe, huh?

Or here Charlie – what about “Christian filth”?

That would certainly be the most honest, no?

Meanwhile, America First got a big endorsement from Michelle Malkin, a longtime conservative pundit who has written books and been a regular on Fox News for decades.

And from the world’s single most popular internet personality, Mister AntiBully.

Really, this whole thing just couldn’t possibly have been any better than it was.

TPUSA Set Up a Plant

Just so everyone knows this, they’re already setting up plants.

That fat woman who gave the last question openly cut in line, as you can see in this video.

I don’t think they’re going to take questions at all going forward. But we shall see.


People were booing and shouting during this event, and Charlie was forced to respond.

After seeing this, I think that “general heckling” is a good move going forward – especially if the questions get cut completely, or they start flooding it with plants.

I’m going to want to think about this some more, but I think going to these events with the intention to just take whatever shots you can take, without getting pulled out, might be the best move.

Thinking about how to disrupt them, in the event that questions are banned, I’ve been continually faced with the fact: we don’t really want to look like the Trump rally protesters, if that is at all avoidable. But the reason the Trump rally protesters stand up and shout is that Trump is in these gigantic arenas.

Kirk and the rest of the people in our assorted rogues’ gallery are all appearing in small college rooms, where boos, jeers and shouts of “Debate Nick Fuentes,” “America First” and “USS Liberty” can be heard if you just shout them out quickly, in a way that security won’t even be able to see you.

I think basically, we’ve got a model going forward that is going to work. If we get questions, we’ll take questions, but simply being there and heckling in the audience, relentlessly, is extremely effective.

And you can meet other like minded people there this way as well. Remember, we’re good optics American nationalists now (long time readers will remember that this is something I pushed very hard while others were dressing up in neo-Nazi costumes). And by talking about these issues, instead of saying “gas the kikes” or whatever, we are more or less immune to being fired or kicked out of school if doxed.

If you say any of the things said in OSU on Tuesday night, you can just say “no of course I’m not an ALT-RIGHT NEO-NAZI RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST, I’m just an America First nationalist and MAGA supporter.”

So that means you can meet other people, openly. You can move without fear that your real name will be revealed.

So meeting up with others will be half the fun of these events.

The entire plan is finally coming together.

Can we say we’re back?

I think we can say we’re back.


Nick streamed this event last night on Dlive. Everyone should sign up for and support that website, which has been extremely kind to us and our people.

Here are some channels I recommend following:

This can end up being like a TV, where there is always something worth watching.