Groyper Gameplan: In Florida and North Carolina, Assume There Won’t be a Q&A

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2019

Turning Point USA ganglord Charlie Kirk has two more events in his “Culture War” tour scheduled this week. They are probably going to be the last two.

We’ve got University of Florida in Gainesville on Tuesday.

(Tickets here)

And North Carolina State University on Wednesday.

(Tickets here)

Along with his typical trick of profiling people who wear MAGA hats or Christian crosses, I have a feeling that he might try to claim that he’s going to do a Q&A, and then pull it.

There is certainly no way there will be a Q&A with Lara Trump (wife of Eric Trump) on stage – although I have a feeling that after Sunday’s fiasco with her brother-in-law, she might not show up at the event at all.

Whatever the case – be as loud as you want to be.

All of you need to be there, you need to be filming and streaming, because TPUSA has definitely completely stopped their official streams, and I think they’re going to ask OAN (which recorded the Don Jr. fiasco at UCLA) to skip these events as well.

So don’t count on there being any footage – all of you need to discreetly film with your phones. Because yes, they’re going to try to stop you from filming, so be discreet.

With everything else – just start yelling whatever at this smallface anti-America piece of shit.

What Should You Yell?

The Q&A chant was fantastic in LA.

But you can pretty much yell whatever, as long as it isn’t cringe gay shit, or faggot wignat weirdo shit.

Saying “we don’t care” and “build the wall” are my personal favorites.

All of the stuff he talks about that isn’t outright treasonous or blasphemous is just boring as hell. This smallface is up there talking about school vouchers – who gives a shit?

Yelling “who gives a shit? DEBATE FUENTES” could be funny.

Or just whatever.

Just keep away from Cookie Monster related topics and don’t say any gamer words.

Except faggot. I mean, maybe. If you feel like saying faggot, I don’t think that’s a problem.

But don’t say any racial slurs.

Also, do the Joker laugh. Just start laughing maniacally as soon as he starts to say something. That shit is hilarious.

And of course, boo everything he says that we hate.

If he says he will do a Q&A if you stop heckling, then groan and make a big thing out of negotiating terms of the Q&A.

Like if he says he’ll let you ask questions at the end, say “SO I GET TO ASK ONE?” and if he says yes, someone else should say “WELL WHAT ABOUT ME?” and he will say “yes, everyone will get a chance to get in line.” Then say “NO CHARLIE, WE KNOW THAT GAME – YOU PUT PLANTS IN THE LINE. WE WANT GUARANTEES.”

And just keep that going. Show that he has no charisma, so he lacks any and all capacity to exert any form of control over the crowd.

Basically: just humiliate the guy even worse than he has been humiliated. At least pretend that that is possible, and shoot for it.

I think he’s going to be fired, or at least taken out of the spotlight, and that is going to be a major, major win for us.

Godspeed, Groypers.