Grotesquely Obese Woman Appointed as Judge by Politician She Worked For

Daily Stormer
June 24, 2017

Elizabeth Shollenberger AKA Madam Fatty Fat Fat Fatty Fat Face

Fat people are basically like normal people, but worse in every way imaginable. And as a general rule – the worse they look on the outside, the worse they are on the inside. Needless to say, the Jew ones are the worst of them all.

New York Post:

Political deals don’t get any dirtier than this.

Members of the all-Democratic City Council in suburban White Plains rewarded their party’s well-connected chairwoman with a plum six-figure judicial seat — even though she was too sickly to work, critics charge.

City Judge Elizabeth Shollenberger — who suffers from a digestive disorder and morbid obesity, among other ailments — was unable to climb the three steps to her courtroom bench, even with the help of a specially installed railing, sources said.


This thing can’t even pretend to be a minimally functional human being, and she’ll decide who goes to prison and for how long.

City Judicial Review Committee member Mark Elliott has publicly accused Mayor Tom Roach of making sure “the fix was in” for the judge, who had been his campaign treasurer.

“She came to the interview with an oxygen tank. She’s very fragile,” Elliott told The Post.

“No reasonable person could have looked at her as I did and thought that she could finish her 10-year term.”

How can anyone expect this thing to have sane judgment? There are millions of reasons to not allow yourself to become obese, ranging from the medical to the aesthetic to just the practical ones – like moving around without an oxygen tank.

Really, obese people are just flat-out mentally ill, severely so, and should be treated like the filthy subhumans that they are.

The committee rejected the Yale Law School grad, 61, for appointment to the post.

But she got the job anyway, and promptly went on the first of several medical leaves just a week after being sworn in to her $175,500-a-year job.

The job also provides $65,000 worth of annual health benefits, which the currently hospitalized Shollenberger has been putting to good use.

Just one single case of cronyism costing you almost a quarter of a million dollars. If there’s even a single loop-hole to paying fewer or no taxes and you’re not using it, then you’re a fucking retard.

Aside from the alleged cronyism, court workers were also troubled by a more immediate concern — a severe gastric distress problem that made itself apparent on the few occasions the judge made it into court.

“She would come in and we would see the diarrhea running down her leg and to the floor,” one court worker said. “She would soil the chair and then ask for a new one.”

Another court worker said Shollenberger astounded staffers by acting with “complete arrogance” following the awful accidents.

“She would just say, ‘There is a mess over there. I think someone should clean it up,’ ” the source said.

Not only are these disgusting blobs disgusting, but they’re very arrogant as well. And they’re always expecting someone else to clean up their shit (literally, in this case) for them. Typical fat behavior.

Council member Milagros Lecuona, who’s challenging Roach for the mayoralty this year, said he engineered Shollenberger’s Dec. 20 appointment “to make sure he’d have the support of the chair of the Democratic Party” for his re-election bid.

Shollenberger was succeeded as the party’s head by her husband, Tim James.

“If I knew what I know now, I would not have voted to support her,” Lecuona said. “This is going to be a big problem for the taxpayers. It’s financially very irresponsible.”

Shollenberger told The Post from her bed in White Plains Hospital Thursday: “I have no intention of retiring. I want to work. I want to be a judge. Judges get sick all the time.”

Yeah, but they’re not sick all the time. And I’m sure most of them smell a lot better than you do too.


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