Gropper Gameplan Los Angeles: Skip Israel Questions, Humiliate Charlie Kirk in Front of Don Jr.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

Tomorrow is the final battle in Episode I of the Groyper War. Donald Trump Jr. is going to be at UCLA with Charlie Kirk for an official Turning Point USA event that I believe they are going to have to stream live on their YouTube channel.

We have a specific goal at this event, so for this one, forget everything we’ve done so far.

In LA, we want to drive a wedge between Charlie Kirk and President Trump by making the former look stupid in front of the son of the latter.

Thus, after listening to Groyper General Alpha Nick Fuentes, I must advise that no questions be asked about Israel, because that is an actual issue that Donald Trump and Charlie Kirk agree on.

Instead, we need to focus on our other two issues, namely immigration and sexual degeneracy. But everything must be done with the primary goal of humiliating Kirk, and showing that he does not represent the base, at all. We should also not hesitate to purposefully humiliate Kirk on a personal level.

ID Only Entry – Apparently

In total freakout mode, TPUSA has announced that even if you have a ticket, they’re not going to let you in without an ID card.

So, I hope a lot of you have UC ID cards.

Presumably, any UC ID card works, I doubt it actually has to be UCLA.

Anyway – everyone else needs to try to get in regardless, and if you can’t get it, you should be there anyway, outside. And film each other outside. Do America First chants, heckle whoever you can heckle, turn it into a protest against Charlie Kirk running like a baby and shutting us out of his event.

You’ll also be able to meet people there. Be careful they’re not cops – beware of anyone trying to “get a group together.” But don’t be too scared of cops. Most people there will be normal Groyp frens.

No Questions for Don Jr.

I know we’re all mad at Don Jr. for going along with all of this. But nonetheless, he is still a popular figure in the Trump movement. So I don’t think there is any reason to confront him.

Instead, we need to just keep hitting Kirk, over and over again.

I am strong on this, and it should be a hard rule. You can thank Don for being there, but then move directly to “my question is for Charlie Kirk.”

(Note that if a screener tries to screen you, you should not tell them this – tell them you have a question for Don Jr. about impeachment or AOC socialism or the strategy for 2020 or whatever – some specific fake thing.)

You CAN however mention Don Jr. in the question to Charlie.

One exception: Vince had this idea:

That’s a pretty good idea.

This here also isn’t bad, from a BBS member:

Don Jr wrote an op-ed in the Hill earlier this year decrying tech censorship. Like 90% of it was a carbon copy of our arguments against tech censorship. A few good questions could be derived from this for him, some alienating him from the Israel firsters, without necessarily attacking him.


1) As a critic of big tech monopoly censorship stifling our right to freedom of speech, what’s your opinion of Sebastian Gorka, and the Zionist Organization of America calling for twitter to deplatform American First Conservatives like Nick Fuentes?

2) Your warning that online censorship can quickly lead to denial of essentially services such as online payments and banking has already come to fruition. Online payment processor Paypal has partnered with the fringe left SPLC organization to advise them on deplatforming conservative voices like the Family Research Council and Iraq War Veteran Joe Bigs. The SPLC is a tax exempt 501c3 organization, which is blatantly violating 501c3 regulations which prohibit 501c3s from engaging in political activism to wage a war of attrition against American Conservatives for holding the wrong views. Would you support an IRS investigation into tax fraud against the SPLC?

3) As a critic of big tech censorship, what do you think of Dan Crenshaw advocating the doxxing of American first Conservatives critical of our foreign aid policy?

I still think we should MAINLY focus on Kirk, but those are good questions if someone wants to talk to Don Jr. without being confrontational or attacking him.

What to Ask

Any questions about:

  • Legal immigration
  • Mass demographic shift

Are going to be totally solid.

You want it to be: “Charlie, you claim to support the president and America First, but Donald Trump campaigned on X and you are pushing Y.”

For example:

Charlie, President Trump campaigned on massively reducing legal immigration. But you have said that you want to flood us with all kinds of legal immigrants from different countries, and that you don’t care who they are as long as they increase GDP. You’ve said that you want to sell green cards to the Chinese with the EB5 program. How are you able to claim you support the MAGA agenda when you are promoting the opposite of what Trump campaigned on and what the polls show people want?

Another one:

Charlie, Donald Trump campaigned on nationalism before globalism, but your plan to replace the native population of America with immigrants for supposed economic benefit is very much a globalist agenda. How does your plan to turn America non-white fit in with Trump’s promise to take care of the forgotten people of this country?

Another one good:

Charlie, one of your main goals has been to push for an overwhelming amount of immigrants into America in order to replace the native population of America. You have excused this by saying that there are no American people, because, in your words, America is just an idea. However, I was there at the Trump rallies in 2016, and I know that the people I was with at those rallies were real people, they were not ideas. I also know that Trump was appealing to people, not ideas. He said “the forgotten men and women of this country,” he didn’t say “the forgotten ideas of this country.” So I wonder how it is that you justify pushing this weird agenda to deny the existence of American people and the American nation, while also claiming to be MAGA?

I’d also be interested to hear if Don Jr. believes that America is primarily a nation of people, and a place, or an idea?

You could also ask about Charlie’s previous “Never Trump” positions, including:

Charlie Kirk, you said that you would support Nikki Haley for president in 2024. Yet in 2016, Nikki Haley compared Donald Trump to Charleston Church shooter Dylann Roof. Do you agree with Nimrata that the president is like a church shooter, do you believe he inspires shootings, or do you believe he would shoot up a church?

Any of the other Never Trump stuff is good to hit on too.

And I think the pervert stuff is good too.

This is a good question:

Charlie. At the recent Politico event, you refused to take a photo with Christian nationalist Nick Fuentes because you think he is evil. Yet you were happy to take a picture with the tranny “Lady MAGA.” As we know, Trump’s biggest support base comes from evangelical Christians. How can you claim to be a representative of the MAGA movement when you support not only man-on-man anal sex but also the tranny agenda?

Basically, the entire goal here is for Don Jr. to report back to Don Sr. that Charlie Kirk is completely not in control of the situation on campus and needs to be replaced with someone who is more capable.

Also, just so you understand, as recent as one hour ago TPUSA was shilling for “free speech” on Twitter.

So, you might want to bring that up.

And lastly: BIG extra points if anyone can suggest to Don Jr. that his father should “replace Charlie Kirk with a real America First conservative like Nick Fuentes.”

(I have seen some people talking about talking about Mexican immigrants, but I would completely skip that – Charlie will always say that he supports a wall whenever you bring up illegals or just Mexicans in general. You need to focus on his legal immigrant agenda, which is mainly about bringing in people from Asia and the Middle East.)

That’s If We Even Get Questions

There’s a good chance we won’t even get any questions. In fact, I would say that it is something like a 90% chance.

I think they are going to do the thing where they ask for ID cards. And maybe we’ll have enough guys with ID cards. But they’re also going to filter based on looks. At the very least.

And they will pull you out of line if you have a cross around your neck or a rosary or any other visible Christian symbol. I know that is hard to really even process, but yes, that is where we are at this point.

Bring your cross to give you strength – but HIDE IT. We are literally under Roman era anti-Christian persecution here, kids.

Hiding a cross from those who seek to persecute Christians DOES NOT amount to a denial of Christ, by the way. It is simply strategic and it is necessary in certain cases if we are to defeat the enemies of God. The Early Christians in Rome also hid their crosses.

I mean, if the screener asks you to deny the divinity of Christ before they let you ask a question, then don’t do that. But hiding the cross to get the drop of these satanic Jew shills is not wrong.

I actually believe they will have an entire fake line of people, like they had at the Ben Shapiro Stanford event. But we should go in thinking we might get questions.

So, Heckle

We should absolutely go heavy on the heckling.

We want boos and jeers throughout.

Whenever Charlie says these words, it’s time to boo:

  • Immigration
  • Nation of ideas
  • Our principles
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Dan Crenshaw
  • Turning Point USA
  • Black unemployment

And anything else we hate.

Actually if he says “Dan Crenshaw,” you might want to consider yelling “ZIOCLOPS NO!”

Also, if he starts saying “Alt-Right 2.o,” call him a liar, say it is “slander,” say we’re America First.

Everyone needs to be in on this for it to work. We need Groypers – or Groppers, as we’ve been known – to be all around the room, booing at everything offensive Charlie Kirk says.

Also maybe heckle him a little with his stupid jokes in the beginning. Say “that’s not funny, Charlie!”

Before he brings out Don Jr., you should make sure to rattle him. He is an extremely emotionally unstable person because he never forgave his mother, so causing him to go into full estrogen freakout shouldn’t be hard.

By the time we get to the Q&A, things should be pretty heated, and when/if they roll out fake questioners, that’s when you all need to get really loud. Start yelling “plant” and “fake” and “we want groypers.” You can move that into “take real questions Charlie, you coward!”

It Doesn’t Matter If You Get Kicked Out

If you get kicked out, it doesn’t matter. It’s just whatever.

Regardless of the menacing threats of Dan Crenshaw, no one is going to regret being a part of this revolution. People are going to look back and regret not doing more for the revolution. “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country” and so on.

Do what you can.

Do it for the Eternal Friendship of the Groppers.

And do it for God.