Groid Who Gunned Down White Sheriff’s Deputy Appears in Court

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2019

Anton Lemon Paris.

Do you ever hear of white people hunting down cops in parking lots like this?

Maybe this is why cops prefer to shoot first and ask questions later when dealing with these violent coons.


The man accused of shooting and killing Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy Mark Stasyuk was in court Monday morning.

Anton Lemon Paris, 38, faces charges of murder and attempted murder.

On Monday, Paris used a wheelchair in the courtroom for his status hearing. A preliminary hearing was set for August.

Paris, who was initially identified as Anton Lemon Moore by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, is accused of killing Stasyuk on Sept. 17.

Stasyuk went to investigate a report of a customer threatening an employee at a Rancho Cordova Pep Boys. Officials said Paris opened fire in the store soon after deputies arrived, hitting Stasyuk and a store employee.

“Deputy Stasyuk noticed that he had to take immediate cover, so he exited the building. He was immediately shot in the back. He continued on, out here into the parking lot to try and get a place of cover, where he could return fire. The suspect exited the building,” Sheriff Scott Jones said on Sept. 21.

Instead of taking the opportunity to flee in either direction, he followed Deputy Stasyuk into the parking lot, continuing to fire at his back and struck him one time in the back of the head. This caused his almost immediate death,” Jones continued.

Paris was then caught in a nearby parking lot.

If Paris is convicted, prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty.

Mark Stasyuk.