Grinning Monkoid Calls White Friend’s Shooting Death a “Big Accident”

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

Kahzmeek Prater.

Kahzmeek doesn’t seem too sad about his friend’s death, does he?

He’s probably laughing at the police: “I told them it was an accident… and they believed it!

Times Leader:

Kahzmeek A. Prater says he didn’t mean to kill his friend Jacob Shedlock last Friday night, calling the teen’s shooting death “a big accident.”

Police are calling the case involuntary manslaughter.

They allege Prater, 18, was playing with a semiautomatic handgun and trying to fix an unravelling marijuana blunt when the weapon discharged as he and Shedlock stood chest-to-chest in Prater’s Pennsylvania Avenue bedroom.

Following his arraignment Wednesday before District Judge Thomas Malloy, a handcuffed Prater spoke out —despite his mother’s admonishment — telling reporters: “I really loved my friend Jacob,” and that Shedlock’s death was an accident.

Investigators also say Prater initially tried to cover up the incident, trying to hide the gun and telling police Shedlock, 18, was shot by an unknown robber.

Prater later admitted to the shooting, investigators say.

Jacob Shedlock.